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Joshua M
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It could be said that Josh M. became a technical writer the instant he composed a piece concerning Russian Formalism on a machine he built himself. 'Word Processors', back then, fell far outside the means of an English student; given a choice between buying a used typewriter or making a computer out of scrap and wire from behind the Engineering Complex, Josh M. opted for the latter.

From there, on newer and improving machines, Josh M. went on to write hundreds of articles on a variety of technical topics, from optics, to psychoacoustics, to consumer electronics. He also wrote two books on emerging technologies, The Little Audio CD Book (2000) and Burn, Baby, Burn! (2004).

Though he wrote for several publications, including 'Wired', 'PC Magazine' and CNET, there is, or was, a kind of headquarters: the now-defunct 'EMedia', the magazine of record for the optical storage industry. At 'EMedia', Josh M. rose to Contributing Editor and was eventually given a column, "The Digital Aesthetic". The column treated of technology's impact on traditional art forms, and new art forms made possible by technological advance.

Having attracted some attention from his published work, Josh M. was called upon to write expert reports for use in litigation, several user manuals, white papers, training materials, the gamut. He found he has a knack for translation, boiling it all down: he speaks Engineerese, Developerese and Legalese fluently, and excels at transforming works in those languages into English.

Today, Josh M. finds himself building and maintaining EMR (Electronic Medical Records) infrastructure. Naturally, along with that goes staff training, security hardening, memorization of HIPAA, and, where possible, innovation. Nevertheless, Josh M. still answers the call of those needing copy - web or print - and still runs with attorneys on occasion.
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