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Deborah K is a published freelance writer, regular blog writer for high-profile clients, and makes a full-time living writing. She also owns a technology and media business and is a work-at-home entrepreneur. She has several eBooks and audiobooks published which are selling well in the global marketplace.

The name of her company is Small Town Global, USA and this comes from an idea she had as a media content creator to "Reach the world from one small town," and she develops all sorts of digital media and web content from her house in a town of 6500 people. She owns her own internet radio station and focuses her business on content creation.

She is a highly creative writer and has written for numerous small and large business blogs and websites, as well as white papers, national press releases and much more. She had songs published by Hollywood in 1997 and also produces all sorts of media for major distributors such as Amazon, Amazon Kindle, iTunes, and others.

She is a 5-star writer who writes top-quality content and also writes SERP and SEO content for business blogs. She has been published by some of the most well-known magazines such as Forbes and others. She is a tech guru and invented her own computer in 2013 based on the Raspberry Pi technology. As a former educator, she plans to market her computer idea to educational markets in the near future.

She creates original articles, as well as audio and video content within her own business which she runs from home. She also owns her own internet radio station and does live radio shows and occasional TV broadcasts from her home studio or from remote locations.


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There are a number of articles written by Deborah K on Media production, web hosting solutions, and number of other technology and multimedia production publishers and sites. She owns her own technology company so she is highly qualified in this vast area.
Articles can be keyworded and optimized by SEO, upon request.


Deborah K worked for 3 years as a counselor for a charter school in Arkansas and is pursuing state licensure as a masters level therapist in her state to do private practice and internet counseling.

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Deb has written numerous product descriptions for clients on WA as well as for other independent clients for their websites and online stores. She also has had first-hand experience with online sales as an online sales entrepreneur. In previous years, she also worked in commercial radio and wrote ad copy for multiple local and regional clients. Deborah is also currently a voice over talent for Voices.com, where she has exposure to good ad copy and she reads and produces this type of writing consistently for auditions for regional and national clientele.

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