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Paul D is a freelance writer based in Washington state. He attended Seattle University in Seattle, Washington where he studied communication with a focus in journalism. He has experience ghost writing blog posts primarily about technology, especially mobile phone technology which he has quite a bit of knowledge about due to the six years that he spent working in the wireless industry. He used to work for a major wireless provider both as a technical support representative and a quality assurance analyst. He also has experience writing product descriptions for a diverse range of products from jewelry to breath mints. He has done a bit of SEO copywriting for businesses such as IT firms, mobile phone repair shops and digital printing services. He is an active blogger who likes to write television reviews and recaps. Matters of philosophy, religion, mental health, current events, skepticism and conspiracy theories are also subjects he likes to write about on his blog. He'd love to get the opportunity some day to focus on more creative writing pursuits like poetry or fiction and would love to try his hand at working as a freelance journalist. He gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of accomplishing exactly what the client wants with his writing. The writing of excellent copy is somewhat of a thrill for him and that thrill gets him out of bed every day to sit down at his keyboard with copious amounts of caffeine within arms reach to see what work he can find himself.


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Paul was hired to write a short preview article about the action film A Good Day to Die Hard.

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Paul has written a number of articles about technology for various clients that were found through a competitor of WriterAccess. Most of these articles have been about mobile phone technology. He has written about trends in the wireless industry, features of upcoming phones and applications


Paul was hired to write a short preview article about the action film A Good Day to Die Hard.


Paul was paid to write a preview article about the Android powered, home brewed video game console known as the Ouya which was completely funded through a Kickstarter campaign

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Press Release

Paul wrote a press release for a special offer that a time keeping company had for Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

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