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Sakai was a political science major at NYU, but you'd never know it judging by the path her life has taken. She's written hundreds of articles for many different clients on topics ranging from things like how to bounce back from a foreclosure to how to detox from a chocolate binge. She works in television and advertising in NYC as a freelance senior project manager and as a writer-producer, so she understands customer engagement and the magic and power of words. She's passionate about writing and believes that nothing can inspire, create or heal like the perfectly placed word.
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Sakai loves humor writing and has a knack for injecting her wit into content like blog posts, television promos, creative writing, product descriptions and ads. She writes extensively for the following genres:

* Travel
* Health and Fitness
* Beauty and Fashion
* Home Design
* Garden
* Personal Relationships
* TV and Film


Sakai is passionate - some might say "a little bit crazy" - about interior design and is frequently called upon by friends to make over rooms in their homes. She'll consider herself to have made it when she is given the keys and asked to do an entire home. Right now, she's content with the single-room jobs she's getting on a pretty regular basis.

She is a member of several writing groups in NYC, including a screenwriters' group and a budding novelists group. Her favorite books are those featuring really sarcastic but really friendly heroes and heroines as well as the types of books that need to be read with all of the lights in the house turned on, even in the daytime.

She has an unhealthy obsession with TV dramas and can often be found watching and dissecting episodes of Dexter, Sherlock Holmes, Luther, The Good Wife and Game of Thrones.


New York University

Sakai studied political science at NYU. She was certain that she was going to take the LSAT and become a corporate attorney for some tony NY or Washington law firm. While at school, she realized that most of her time was spent hanging out with friends at Tisch school of the Arts. She ended up taking the LSAT, scoring well and working at a corporate law firm as a paralegal for one year. She was reluctantly applying for law schools when she scored the job of a lifetime with Jon Stewart. It was low-paying and had crazy hours and she had the time of her life. She never looked back.

Real Estate

121 Projects Completed

Sakai has a passion for everything real estate, including trends, the state of the industry and the ins and outs of obtaining a mortgage. She's written at length about renting or buying homes in places like London and New York, and she's written step-by-step tutorials that were designed to help people navigate the home-buying process.


120 Projects Completed

Sakai has more than a passing interest in writing about food and drink. She's an obsessed foodie who's the first to try every beautifully photographed recipe that comes across the web. She writes articles about things like how to boil the perfect egg to how to make the perfect banh rau cau. Her culinary interestes are as diverse as the local food movement in NYC and the Indian restaurant scene in Cape Town.

Home Living

114 Projects Completed

Sakai believes that in order to create the life you want, you have to have the home you want. She has a lifestyle blog that focuses on how to live your very best life by creating the home of your dreams, no matter what your budget. Sakai writes articles and blog posts about things like paint colors, home furnishings and storage, and she explains how every single one of these elements affects your emotional well-being.


113 Projects Completed

Sakai is passionate about health, and she writes articles that people can turn to when they want to get healthy or stay healthy. Whether it's an article about learning how to develop a heart-healthy diet or one about which vitamins to use for which ailment, Sakai writes them all. Her well-researched articles are informative without being dry or boring.


112 Projects Completed

British-born Sakai has lived all around the world, residing in cities ranging from New York City to Cape Town. A child of many cultures, she understands that travel is the perfect way for people to learn about and understand the world around them. She's written articles about what to expect when traveling to certain cities to finding a city's major hotspot.


108 Projects Completed

As an avid beauty industry consumer, Sakai knows what men and women are looking for when it comes to beauty industry products and trends. People don't want to be talked down to or made to feel bad. They want to read engaging, personable articles that are informative and fun to read. Her beauty articles and blog pieces are well-researched without being dry. Imagine a bunch of free-spirited, laid-back, highly intelligent friends, each with an off-beat sense of humor, discussing the latest beauty trends, and you'll have a good sense of what Sakai's writing style is like.


102 Projects Completed

From haute couture to discount specialty-size clothing lines, Sakai has covered them all. She believes that what you wear often says more about you than anything that comes out of your mouth, and she loves to write about styles and trends that help people present their very best selves. She's writes fashion articles for private clients and online sites.


100 Projects Completed

Sakai understands that the best things in life are free, but she also knows that there are deals to be had on the things you have to pay for. Thanks to being an avid shopper, she's grown particularly adept at scoping out the best deals on items ranging from sofas to bras. She's an avid researcher, and her articles reflect that.


100 Projects Completed

Growing giant sunflowers, building the perfect greenhouse, choosing the right Japanese maple for your garden...these are just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce?) when it comes to the types of gardening articles that Sakai has written. She is a budding urban gardener who believes that fresh produce and beautiful flowers can be grown anywhere, and she loves to encourage others to develop their gardening chops as well. Her horticultural, landscaping and gardening articles are well-researched and easy to understand, and they're designed to encourage people to pick up a spade and grow green!


73 Projects Completed

Sakai has written articles about all sorts of fitness regimens and workout plans. She's passionate about the genre and loves to help people discover ways to increase their stamina, reduce the risk of illness and heart disease and maintain heart-healthy weight levels. Her articles are well-researched, easy to understand and meant to make exercise something to look forward to instead of something to dread.


70 Projects Completed

Sakai has written concise and detailed product reviews and how-to's about all types of appliances. Whether it's a buzzed-about item that's gotten lots of attention in the press, or a rarely mentioned product that is gaining a small but dedicated cult following, Sakai writes thorough articles that help consumers through the decision-making process. She also writes about trends in the appliance industry, including things like advances in the digital appliance sector and the advancement of green technologies.


50 Projects Completed

There's nothing like finding your life's passion and making a career out of it. Sakai writes career articles ranging from those that focus on a particular career path to those that focus on the education needed to enhance a person's current professional life. She understands that people's professional lives are very important to them and therefore often includes an encouraging emotional element in her pieces.


50 Projects Completed

Sakai writes articles about every type relationship, from those that are ending to those that are just catching flight. In a tone that is both respectful and informative, Sakai writes articles that are well-researched and intended to help people navigate through the obstacles and pitfalls that come with having to share our lives with other human beings. A smattering of light-hearted humor is used when necessary, since Sakai truly believes that laughter can often be the best emotional medicine.

Blog Post

202 Projects Completed

Sakai believes that blogs were invented to satisfy her need to tell everyone everywhere how to do everything. The conversational yet informative tone that goes along with the best blogs fits Sakai's personality to a "t." She's written (and ghostwritten) blog posts about everything ranging from how to install windows in a home to how best to deal with hair loss. She's looks forward to creating more interesting content.


171 Projects Completed

Sakai has written tons of articles for various clients, both under her own moniker and as a ghostwriter. She conducts exhaustive and detailed research before putting pen to paper - or finger to keyboard - in an effort to make sure that her content is both engaging and informative. She loves writing articles about topics that she's really familiar with, like home design, shopping, beauty and travel, but she also digs the research that she has to do for topics that she's less familiar with.

Product Description

100 Projects Completed

Sakai's product descriptions are so powerful that the ones she's written for gourmet food retailers have been known to make vegans crave bison burgers. That may or may not actually be true, but her witty, succinct, engaging and informative product descriptions DO help move inventory and sell ideas. She's written descriptions for items ranging from My Little Pony hoodies to deck chairs for clients like Target, Staples, Amazon and Hayneedle.

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