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Virginia F
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Virginia F. is presently employed as a blogger and content marketer at an engineering company, specializing in security solutions including IP cameras, electronic door access control, and IP-based emergency communication systems.
In addition she maintains a personal blog with an appreciative and faithful following. She has always been recognized as a talented writer, dating back from elementary school but chose to go into teaching in the early days of her career. She displayed originality and creativity in her teaching, qualities her principals never failed to note in her annual performance reviews.
After sixteen years of teaching she decided to pursue other opportunities and has had experience in veterinary medicine, mortgage banking, instrument testing, and currently the physical security sector. Pairing her writing talent with her career experience makes her more than capable of turning out knowledgeable and well-written articles and blogs
Virginia has been working for her current employer since 1997, starting as Marketing Assistant. She progressed to Materials Manager, also writing and editing articles for the company's e-newsletter. As the company came to depend more and more on internet traffic to attract customers, the company's owner realized the business was lacking in content marketing. Recognizing Virginia's talent for writing succinct informative articles, he offered her the position of content marketer and blogger.
She now is responsible for writing two company blogs as well as contributing and editing articles for the company's monthly e-newsletter. These technical articles cover the latest in surveillance cameras and physical security. Realizing that today's buyers prefer to do all the research they can, rather than depend on salesmen to tell them what they think they should know, she strives to make her technical articles and blogs as informative yet easily understandable as possible. Her employer appreciates the same originality and creativity that her school principals did.
Virginia is also responsible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and as such runs the company's social media channels, creating and curating content. In the interest of SEO, she is careful to use an optimal number of keywords, meta-tags, and internal and external back-links in her blogs and articles to improve and maintain the company's position on all the major search engines.
Virginia is so grateful to be able to spend all her working hours writing and would be happy to contribute to company newsletters, blogs, or whatever clients require.
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Virginia's specialty is writing blogs and articles in an informal yet informative style. She uses humor and anecdotes in making technical subjects easily understood by a non-technical readership.


Virginia's first love is writing and she devotes a large portion of her free time to her weekly blog, "From the House of Mars". Her faithful followers express a love for her humorous yet poignant style covering a wide range of material, ranging from nostalgic remembrances to love of pets to criticism of the media.
The range of her past employment including experience as a teacher, licensed animal health technician, and mortgage loan service gives her a knowledge base that would inform any relevant Writer Access assignments.


Ladycliff College

Virginia excelled in writing and her work was featured in Ladycliff's literary journal. She was also selected to submit a paper which earned her admission to Lamda Iota Tau, a chapter of the National Writer's Honor Society.

Herbert H. Lehman College, City University of New York

Virginia taught kindergarten during the day and attended graduate school at night. This gave her the chance to write her Master's thesis on the effects of crawling and creeping on a child's intellectual development while designing a movement education program to be included in a kindergarten curriculum. The program, consisting of songs to accompany creeping and crawling exercises, was tested with her class on an ongoing basis.


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5,000 Projects Completed

Virginia posts tweets every day for her company. She does this in order to publicize the company as a brand. The posts introduce attachments of original work appearing in the blogs she writes for the company as well as articles from its monthly e-newsletter. She also posts curated content that is either specific to the security sector or of general technical interest .

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712 Projects Completed

In her full-time position Virginia is responsible for contributing to two blogs. Both highlight surveillance and security. In the first, "Technology Blog" she lean towards a more formal examination of surveillance cameras and access control devices, explaining how they work.
In the second, Kintronics Blog by Virginia, she takes a practical approach, pointing out how these devices can be used in everyday life. In her last two she explained how IP cameras can make ATM's safer and how retail businesses can use them to keep operations moving smoothly for the customers.
She also has her own personal blog, From The House of Mars which looks at everyday life and is valued by readers for its humor and nostalgia.

Product Description

300 Projects Completed

Virginia has written product descriptions covering an extensive range of items including projectors, public address systems, graduation gowns, gardening tools, office furniture, software applications, women's clothing, sports apparel, automobile decals, art supplies, and jewelry. Thanks to her versatility and ability to say a lot in a limited space, 18 Writer Access clients include her on their love lists.

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200 Projects Completed

Virginia serves as head content writer for an engineering company specializing in surveillance systems. In this position, she is responsible for contributing articles to the company's monthly e-newsletter as well as editing work contributed by other writers. In addition, she maintains a weekly blog highlighting the company's products as they relate to current events,

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51 Projects Completed

Virginia posts original work from her company's blog as well as curated content she researches. The majority of the original content is written by her and pertains to the security industry. The curated content varies in topic but is technical in one way or another.

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