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Virginia F
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Virginia F is fortunate to have the opportunityto serve in a wide swath of employment segments. She started out as a primary grade school teacher, first in the Bronx NY, and then in San Jose, California.
Sensing that she needed a change of careers, she went back to school to study animal health technology, and became a licensed Animal Health Technician in San Jose. When her marriage ended, monetary needs dictated that she look for employment that would sufficently support her needs, she used her math and computer skills to secure a position in mortgage banking. She was first employed, reviewing completed loan files, ensuring that the process had included correctly signing all documents, assuring all liens had been released, and title documents were all included. If not, she worked to correct errors and retrieve any missing documents.
When family matters necessitated a move back to New York, yet another field of employment presented itself. She worked for a company that designed and sold network-attached security cameras and access control systems, first in operations where she oversaw purchasing and shipping, and later, when her writing skills were noted, editing and contributing articles to the company's monthly e-newsletter and later writing their blog. During this period she became aware of the value of SEO.
Presently, Virginia works fulltime as a self-employed freelance writer where she uses all her rich background to create content for Writer Access and a variety of private clients. She specializes in SEO-enriched blogs and website content covering security and surveillance technology needs and solutions, veterinary, dental, and chiropractic topics, product descriptions and reviews of all types, as well as real estate and travel.
She has written and published a supplemetary middle school/junior high level textbook on drones and other types of military surveillance practices.
Virginia welcomes all topics and uses her research skills to create valuable content no matter what the field or topic. In this vein, she invites you to solicit her help, and promises to create fact-filled content of value for you.
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