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Kelsey W
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Los Angeles, California
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Kelsey W. began writing content in 2008 after leaving a job at an educational publisher. She's created thousands of blog posts and articles in the past several years, as well as hundreds of pages of SEO-friendly website content and social media posts.

She's an expert on entertainment and also provides well-researched content on several topics that include gaming, exercise, health, travel, law, home improvement, food, and more. She excels at researching and providing articles full of creativity, quotes, and sources.

Kelsey also enjoys creating content for different audiences. She's adept at "talking" to the reader through language and can communicate in a professional, casual, or humorous manner. She tailors her work to the reader to ensure maximum clarity, enjoyment, and comprehension.
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A lifelong gamer and fan of movies, Kelsey has spent several decades learning about, experiencing and commentating on these subjects as they are continuously fascinating. When she's not watching a movie or reading something about an upcoming release, she's often found running around outside for fun in marathons.


Montana State University

A film degree that also touched on theater, writing, and photography.

Loyola Marymount University

Screenwriting degree w/focus on original screenplays.

Santa Monica College

Focus on web programming.


152 Projects Completed

Having visited every state in the United States as well as a handful of international locations, Kelsey brings real-life experiences to her travel writing. She can make you think you're lounging on a beach with sand between your toes and an ocean breeze in your hair even though you're just reading a blog on your iPad. As a screenwriting and film major in college, Kelsey learned how to create feeling and experiences through words; this skill lends itself wonderfully to travel writing.

Real Estate

143 Projects Completed

Kelsey has experience blogging and writing website content for real estate agents, mortgage companies, and general real estate websites. Her knowledge is primarily financial (residential mortgages); however, she's knowledgeable on a variety of buying/selling topics such as inspections and DIY. She's also written extensively for the Canadian market (mortgage banking and real estate) and is familiar with Canadian federal guidelines/laws on real estate.


121 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Kelsey has maintained an "examiner.com" blog for several years on endurance running in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, she's participated in several marathons, 5K races, and other racing events all across the United States over the past decade. She started running in 2003 and began using the knowledge she gained as a Nike running pace leader when she became a full-time writer.


107 Projects Completed

Kelsey has provided specialty content on racing, DIY mods, and car culture for several clients. She has real-world knowledge on the subject and is very active in the southern California racing scene. She's attended autocross events, local car meets, drag racing, and spontaneous street races around the Southland. She's had an interest in televised racing (like NASCAR) for a few decades and also reads several periodicals on street cars (online and physical magazines).


103 Projects Completed

Kelsey worked for a major education publisher for 4 years before deciding to become a writer and independent contractor. During her time at this publisher she supported the creation and implementation of face-to-face and online CPE (continuing professional education) for teachers. The online component used a proprietary software and the face-to-face implementation took her to sites around southern California.


102 Projects Completed

Most of Kelsey's marketing projects relate to online marketing and development. She also provides content on new media and ideas (like mobile marketing and app development) impacting today's businesses.


83 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Kelsey wrote over 100 movie reviews a year from 2000 to 2006 with many of those reviews syndicated on various entertainment websites. She has a BA in film and an MFA in screenwriting, so she can write to a technical audience on the subject of film or to general fans. She maintains extensive knowledge of current programming, new releases in film and television, and popular internet series and memes. She's able to offer objective commentary on a variety of entertainment related subjects.


56 Projects Completed

Kelsey credits her background as a creative writer for her ability to make any food sound delectable. She's written foodie reviews as well as deciphered obscure recipes and can teach anyone how to make complex entrees. She loves to experiment in the kitchen due to her dietary restrictions and has fun with the creative process of making new meals.


53 Projects Completed

Kelsey has provided articles on health and nutrition for four well-known health and fitness websites. She's also maintained a personal blog on eating, making, and finding delicious gluten-free food.


28 Projects Completed

Kelsey's legal knowledge encompasses civil law in the state of California. She maintains knowledge of current laws, statutes, and general legal terminology. She's provided blog-style content and articles for lawyers on topics of criminal and civil law and can explain obscure legal concepts to general audiences.


25 Projects Completed

Kelsey has written reviews, how-to guides and informational articles on several different genres and types of games. She has experience with FPS, MMO, smart phone gaming, console gaming, and even real life board games. She can write to fans or general audiences on the subject and also maintains a popular personal blog on World of Warcraft.

Blog Post

1,420 Projects Completed

Kelsey provides content for a number of personal and paid blogs and also ghost-writes an extraordinary number of blog entries each month for her clients. Her topics vary greatly; however, she ensures each blog post is knowledgeable and easily digested by experts or novice readers. Topics on which she has particular experience include gaming (MMOs), movies, endurance sports (running), dieting, dentistry, and security (corporate and residential).


47 Projects Completed

Kelsey uses her work experience and her degree in screenwriting to create taut, concise scripts that get to the point fast and capture the listener's attention. She offers expertise in formatting, pacing, story creation, and dialogue.

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