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Joseph D. is a content writer with corporate accounting and financial experience. His work has been featured on:, AZ Central Small Business,, Money,, eHow Business & Personal Finance, Opposing Views Money, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News.

He spent approximately six years working for Wyndham Worldwide, which is one of the largest and most respected hospitality companies in the world. At Wyndham Consumer Finance, he gained experience in consumer lending, accounting and quality assurance.

In his time at Wyndham Worldwide, Joseph D. became a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certified Quality Technician (ASQ CQT). As a quality assurance analyst, he honed his technical writing skills by creating standard operating procedures and standard operating instructions. He also aided in the deployment of a quality management system. While working in quality assurance, Joseph D. gained exposure to securitizations, portfolio analysis, financial planning and accounting.

While working for the Wyndham Resort Development Corporation, Joseph D. earned valuable experience in marketing. As a quality assurance supervisor, he was responsible for tracking marketing efficiencies in the Northern California Region. His in-depth experience at Wyndham Worldwide gives him insight when writing about business, accounting and finance. As a professional writer, Joseph D. has published hundreds of articles via online platforms.

Joseph D. has experience in the hospitality, timeshare and gaming industries. He also has experience with emergency medical services and manufacturing. Joseph D. has a simple philosophy when it comes to writing; he wants to do quality work and meet or exceed client expectations. He enjoys writing about business and leisure but is always willing to try new things.
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Joseph D. has written press releases, webpages, articles, blogs and many other forms of content. He excels at writing about accounting, finance and business.


Joseph D. enjoys learning about quality assurance, accounting and finance. He is open to writing about new subjects and is willing to take on tough projects.


San Diego State University

Courses taken for this degree focused on accounting, finance, marketing and business management.

National University

Courses taken for this degree focused on business management, economics and financial accounting.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Courses taken for this degree focused on business management, managerial and financial accounting.

California State University - Dominguez Hills

Study of quality assurance, process excellence and total quality management concepts.


231 Projects Completed

In order to be effective, auto content needs to convey the right mix of technical data and service-related information. Joseph D. worked in a small machine shop and is familiar with mechanical processes and the importance of customer service, which is critical for auto-related writing. Whether clients need text for blog posts, webpages or articles, his value-added content will meet or exceed expectations.


228 Projects Completed

In order to add value, business writing needs to be insightful, concise and accurate. Joseph D. has the industry experience and skill to deliver high-quality results and meet or exceed clients' expectations. In addition to press releases that are distributed through major PR networks, he regularly writes business-related articles, blog posts and webpages.


89 Projects Completed

Manufacturing content needs to be well-written and compelling on a technical level to be effective. Joseph D. manufactured oil sight glasses for industrial pumps, which involved running a small machine shop and turning, facing and boring acrylics. He leverages his industry experience to meet or exceed clients' expectations.


76 Projects Completed

Joseph D. leverages his experience in consumer lending and corporate accounting to deliver high-quality finance content. He is familiar with a variety of technical subjects ranging from accrued interest and securitized debt to portfolio analytics. Peer-to-peer lending firms, bookkeepers, accountants and other financial professionals have all benefited from his work.


43 Projects Completed

Fitness-related content needs to spark interest and motivate readers to get into the gym. As a fitness enthusiast, Joseph D. tracks the latest trends in the industry and leverages his experience to deliver value-added content. He writes blog posts, webpages and press releases all focused on physical well-being.


33 Projects Completed

As someone with industry experience, Joseph D. values high-quality hospitality content and the impact it has on target markets. He writes on topics including hotel amenities, attractions and features for destinations ranging from wellness centers in Germany to high-class resorts in Florida. His insightful content delivers favorable results.


31 Projects Completed

With the proper writing vacation destinations lift off the page and inspire travelers to visit distant lands. Joseph D. uses his professional experience in the hospitality industry to deliver engaging travel-related content that adds value and perspective. He's written on countries including: Malta, South Korea, Namibia, Nepal and Brunei.

Blog Post

748 Projects Completed

Informative, easy to read blog posts drive web traffic and help companies build an online persona. Joseph D. writes value-added content that is tailored to target audiences and is well-formatted for the Internet. Clients receive the posts they need in a reliable and timely fashion.

Web Page

246 Projects Completed

Effective webpage content impacts public perception and can be the difference in generating or losing sales. Joseph D. writes well-formatted text that coveys the right message in a concise, professional manner. Companies in the construction, fitness, technology and auto industries have all benefited from his work.

Press Release

241 Projects Completed

Properly formatted press releases are effective tools for announcing product launches, important events and service updates. Joseph D. understands that professional communication is essential for delivering the right information to target markets. Past projects include work done for companies in the financial, travel and fitness industries among many others. There is no better source for quality press releases.


153 Projects Completed

Articles have the power to spark consumer interest, educate and bring new insight into marketplace trends. Joseph D. writes pieces on subjects ranging from the hedge fund industry and investment banking to general fitness-related topics. Quality content is the goal of every assignment, and repeat clients know to expect the very best.

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