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Erik V. has provided large and small businesses with expert copy for nearly 10 years. He has completed over 1,000 assignments for a variety of businesses and individuals from the travel industry, non-profits, and more. His writing extends from blog posts to press releases, and from small articles to full-length e-books and webpages. With passion and experience, Erik is ready to provide engaging content for any audience today!
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Erik V. specializes in finding the perfect tone for any audience. He knows when to write authoritatively and when to be personable. He has written press releases for Fortune 500 companies alongside blog posts on dining, and he is able to provide the facts and tone necessary to make the content truly memorable.


Erik V. is infatuated with languages and the written word. He enjoys reading post-modern authors alongside the classics, and his voracious reading ensures that his writing stays crisp and fresh. When he's not reading or writing, Erik enjoys traveling locally and abroad in search of the perfect espresso.


University of London: Goldsmiths

Erik was enrolled in the University of London International Program. This distance-learning program allowed for study in any corner of the world. Through the University of Goldsmiths, Erik studied literature, linguistics, and more.


1,087 Projects Completed

Erik has traveled extensively through numerous countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and throughout the Baltic region. He has experienced many historic traditions as well including Pamplona's San Fermin and Maslenitsa in Russia. Along with his firsthand experience, Erik has written website content and press releases for some of America's largest travel agencies. With a passion for foreign cultures and the experience of working with multiple companies in the industry, Erik is ready to create engaging content for you today!

Some of Erik’s most visited destinations include:

Czech Republic
US states and national parks

Self Help

51 Projects Completed

Erik has written self help articles for a wide variety of publications. His articles are factually correct but presented in a personable way to help people better themselves. He has written articles related to fitness, dieting, and cultivating a positive mindset. Erik's goal is to inspire readers to take action and achieve their dreams, and to provide you with the best article possible!


30 Projects Completed

Erik V understands what it takes to lose weight, gain muscle, and live a healthy lifestyle. He has over two years of training in Muay Thai and over five years of intense physical training. He has followed many fitness programs as well, and this allows him to create engaging and motivational content for readers with any goal. His work includes blog posts on losing weight, maintaining the drive to achieve fitness goals, and gaining muscle. He has also written posts regarding supplementation and recovery. He has personally helped people to lose and gain weight, and he continues to work on his own program to achieve lifelong health. Whether you want a blog post for general readers or a specific fitness plan, Erik V has the experience to create engaging and factual content for you today!

Press Release

54 Projects Completed

Erik has written press releases for small and large businesses in numerous fields. His press releases are engaging and without filler to ensure that the intended message is warmly received. His style ranges from casual to formal depending on the context and situation. Whether it's for a large travel company or a start-up endeavor, Erik always provides a perfect press release!

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Erik has written engaging banner ads for numerous companies. Using lively language and a personable tone, Erik's work has helped companies to sell more products through creative and effective advertising.


9 Projects Completed

Erik has created multiple eBooks for numerous publications. He has written short stories, history books, and larger orders focusing on fitness among other subjects. Erik's eBooks are meticulously researched and edited to ensure the finished product is ready for instant publication. With an engaging tone, lively language, and sharp wit, Erik's eBooks are guaranteed to be enjoyable and marketable to a wide variety of readers.

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