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Derek S received his bachelor of arts with a major in journalism and a minor in fiction writing from Columbia College Chicago. He has been writing for newspapers and websites for more than a decade. Derek's work includes reporting, opinion writing and content creation. He currently writes and edits blogs, articles and website content for clients across the country.


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Industry Projects

  • Entertainment100+
  • Legal100+
  • Sports100+
  • Politics100+
  • Humor50+
  • Business20+
  • Health10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Derek S has more than a decade of experience of writing award-winning film reviews for multiple print and online publications. He has also written about concerts, plays and other local events. Derek has contributed entertainment pieces to a variety of publications, and his experience also includes years of editorial responsibility for arts and features coverage. He writes about movies, television, music and books.


Derek S has written website content, blogs and press releases about various legal topics for law firms across the country. He has experience authoring pieces about personal injury claims, class action lawsuits and commercial litigation. Derek currently researches and writes blog posts and content pages for several law firms across the country.


Derek S received his bachelor of arts in journalism with a concentration on sports writing and reporting. He has covered numerous live games, interviewed coaches and athletes, and written commentaries and previews for major sporting events. Derek's published work includes pieces about high school and college games, as well as articles about the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.


Derek S has written several articles involving news coverage of political events as well as opinion pieces. Derek's work has ranged from reflecting his individual feelings to reflecting the views of editorial boards of the newspapers he worked at. His work has touched on topics relating to coverage of national and local political issues, including general elections, court cases and other issues in the news.


Derek S has authored humor pieces for a number of websites. His work has included blog posts and essays specializing in satire and criticism of public figures. Derek enjoys writing to take aim at examples of hypocrisy from celebrities and companies. Some of his previously published work was shared by large audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


Derek S has written business stories and features for multiple newspapers and websites. His work has included various interviews and intensive research for profiles of small businesses with a handful of employees and stories about larger companies with hundreds of workers. Derek's work has included stories about businesses in such areas as Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana.


Derek S has written news stories, features and blog posts about multiple health and wellness issues. Some of his work has included pieces about traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, prescription drugs and addiction. Derek's work has appeared online and in publications for audiences in California, Illinois, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Tennessee.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article100+
  • Web Page50+
  • Press Release50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Derek S has been writing blog posts for several years, and he has been authoring regular blog posts for clients across the country since 2011. At times this has involved finding topics, conducting research and authoring as many as five original blog posts a week for up to 10 clients. Derek is familiar with such blogging platforms as WordPress, Blogspot and Tumblr.


Derek S has written multiple article on a variety of topics, ranging from opinion pieces to news reporting. These articles have required research, interviews and live event coverage. Derek has covered athletic contests that required keeping track of statistics, and he has also contributed to articles in which he compiled databases of information for investigative pieces.

Web Page

Derek S has written content for multiple websites, including many small businesses and multiple law firms across the country. His work has ranged from small projects that followed very specific instructions to large projects involving several pages and thorough research. Derek has written original content that appears on the homepages of companies across the nation.

Press Release

Derek S has authored press releases for clients across the nation. While many of these involved specific requests from individuals or companies, others were part of contractual agreements that required Derek to come up with a topic and gain client approval. Many of the press releases were ultimately picked up by local news outlets and other websites.

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