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Karen Z
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"I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again. We LOVE your work, Karen. Thank you for consistently delivering wonderful content. Looking forward to our continued relationship." - WriterAccess Client

"Karen did a wonderful job coming up with interesting ideas AND meeting all the SEO requirements." - WriterAccess Client

"There's a reason we keep working with you! Thank you very much, Karen. The article is perfect!" - WriterAccess Client


Karen has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer, editor, content strategist and content marketing specialist, working for a wide range of clients including medical practices, hospitals and healthcare societies, lawyers, doctors, real estate firms, accountants, transportation agencies, retail establishments and more. She is highly ranked in her specialty fields on WriterAccess, and for the past three years, she has ranked as a top medical writer.

Her goals as a content writer are to create content that:

* increases page views, conversions and ROI
* ranks well in searches and follows best SEO practices
* clearly reflects each client's unique brand
* consistently engages and informs audiences


Content writing in multiple industries, including:
* Medical (Physician, Dentist/Dental, Orthodontics/Orthodontist, Gynecology, Urology, Dermatology, Other Specialist; Hospital/Medical Center)
* Health
* Legal
* Marketing
* Pharma
* Higher Education
* Insurance
* Real Estate
* Personal Finance
* Banking, Mortgage, Credit
* Home and Home Repair/Construction

During her career, Karen has written hundreds of articles, press releases, patient education materials, blog posts, ebooks, white papers and web content based on strong SEO techniques, and she has also served as a ghostwriter on books covering a wide range of medical and healthcare topics. Prior to becoming a freelancer, Karen worked as a features and news writer and copy editor for several newspapers, producing content on a wide range of topics and earning both state and national awards.

Karen's press releases have resulted in media coverage in TIME magazine, the New York Times, WebMD, MedPage, The Herald (Ireland), Prevention, Huffington Post, Belfast Telegraph, Daily Mail (United Kingdom), Herald Sun (Australia), Globe and Mail (Canada), Forbes, Voice of America, National Public Radio, NBC news and the Associated Press, among others.

She prides herself on her ability to learn new areas of interest and adapt to new styles, all while adhering to the all-important client timeline. She has built a loyal following based on her dedication, dependability, discretion and willingness to work with each client to ensure their goals are met. She thoroughly enjoys working with clients and helping them create the materials they need to suit their unique needs.



Karen primarily works with private clients outside the WriterAccess platform; therefore, she does not accept "rush" orders with 24 hours to write content. This includes orders with 24 hours to pick up and 24 hours to write.
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Karen Z has written for a broad range of audiences, creating marketing collateral like blogs, web content and ebooks, as well as news and features articles, working extensively in the medical, health, legal, transportation and marketing arenas. Her experience as a professional news writer makes her especially proficient at creating copy that will appeal to large audiences, and she works hard to make sure every piece she creates is custom-tailored to reflect the client's voice and brand in a manner that both informs and engages the reader.


During her time off, Karen enjoys reading, watching classic cartoons and film noir movies, hiking, and hanging out with her family. She is an avid volunteer and spends a lot of time helping out at a local family shelter.


Rowan College

Program aimed at describing in-depth the nuts and bolts of nonprofit formation, development and management, including nonprofit marketing and grants writing. Karen has about 15 years of experience in the nonprofit space, and enrolling in the certificate program is an extension of her efforts and experience in helping nonprofit clients through grants and marketing, including public outreach.

Univ. Delaware



6,402 Projects Completed

For more than 20 years, Karen Z has worked as a freelance medical writer for medical news magazines published by Slack and Advanstar, including Ocular Surgery News, Orthopedics Today, Ophthalmology Times, Urology Times, Cosmetic Surgery News and Skin and Allergy News, as well as national medical societies dedicated to orthopedics, ophthalmology and critical care specialties. She has created press releases, patient education materials, blog posts, podcast scripts, monographs and news articles, and she earned a coveted Jesse H. Neale Award (first place) for her series on healthcare reform. She specializes in distilling complex medical and scientific information into material that is both understandable and engaging to lay audiences.


1,485 Projects Completed

For more than 20 years, Karen Z has worked as a freelance health and wellness writer for medical news magazines, national medical societies, health and medical marketing companies, doctors and dentists in private practice, and hospitals and medical centers. She's create a wide variety of collateral including:

* press releases
* patient education materials
* blog posts
* podcast scripts
* monographs
* news articles
* web content

Karen enjoys distilling complex health-related information into content that is both understandable and engaging to target audiences, including both the general public and business and professional audiences. She enjoys helping businesses build patient relationships by providing content that's relevant and that motivates readers to take action.


695 Projects Completed

Karen has completed blog content, webpage copy, email blasts, newsletter articles and press releases for private insurance companies serving consumers and businesses, as well as companies that specialize solely in corporate risk management and e&o insurance for agents. Topics range from insurance- and risk-specific subjects to business management and home living topics geared toward increasing readership and ROI.

Real Estate

558 Projects Completed

Karen is an experienced real estate writer, creating blog posts, ebooks and other marketing materials for real estate brokerages and individual agents. In addition, her personal experiences as rental property owner have provided her with in-depth insight into all stages of the real estate purchase, sales and rental processes, including:
- initial selection of a property
- escrow and inspections
- negotiating pricing
- choosing ideal tenants
- managing rentals with and without real estate management companies
- setting a sales price
- staging properties to attract buyers
- and related topics
At WriterAccess and off site, Karen works closely with real estate brokerages and agents to create compelling content that attracts readers and builds clientele.


465 Projects Completed

Karen has extensive experience writing about cosmeceuticals, natural beauty products, and minimally-invasive and noninvasive beauty treatments, including:
- PRP (platelet-rich plasma)
- cosmetic fillers and volumizers (including Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra, Belotero, Radiesse and others)
- vampire facelift procedures
- laser hair removal
- hair restoration and rejuvenation
- acne treatments
- treatments for psoriasis, eczema and other acute and chronic skin conditions
- alpha-hydroxy and hyaluronic acid products
- natural botanicals
She specializes in transforming complex or technical information into educational, engaging content that empower readers and motivates them to take action.


450 Projects Completed

From webpages to blog content to downloadable content like white papers and tipsheets, Karen has written a significant body of work for legal clients, including individual attorneys and large and small law firms. She specializes in providing clear, concise information that educates clients about their rights and the vital importance of having skilled legal representation to ensure those rights are protected.

Multiple law firms from throughout the U.S. depend on Karen for regular blog content and webpage updates on practice areas and topics including:

* Family law (divorce, custody, visitation and more)
* Domestic violence
* Immigration law
* Criminal defense
* Civil litigation
* Business law
* Personal injury (auto accidents, slip and fall, boating/airline accidents, etc.)
* Wrongful death (malpractice, product liability, DUI accidents, etc.)
* Real estate

It's no secret that many consumers view lawyers with some degree of suspicion and cynicism. Attorneys and law firms have reputations to uphold, and Karen takes great care to protect those reputations by providing content that's authoritative, trustworthy and compassionate to help potential clients view the firm or attorney as "human" and interested in their problems and needs.

Karen is also mindful of adhering to guidelines set out by the American Bar Association's Center for Professional responsibility regarding the promotion of legal services, as well as rules and regulations established by state ethics committees. As a result, she's careful never to include language that implies specific promises or guarantees that could cause conflict with these entities.


424 Projects Completed

As an experienced medical writer, Karen has extensive experience writing about medical devices, drugs, nutraceuticals and other pharmaceutical products. During her 20+-year career, Karen has created patient education materials for leading pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies and has worked closely with leading medical device R&D companies to complete technical materials as well as marketing collateral and patient education pamphlets, booklets and blogs.


388 Projects Completed

Karen has been providing marketing collateral for clients for more than two decades, beginning with freelancing for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture in the 1980s. Since then, she's worked for clients in dozens of industries, creating many different types of collateral. That broad experience has enabled her to develop a keen appreciation for different types of marketing, and now, she edits and writes a series of newsletters aimed at helping businesses learn how to market themselves more effectively.

Karen has experience in both online and "offline" marketing, and she's skilled at helping many of her clients develop a comprehensive and responsive marketing campaign "from the ground up."

You can find more details about her experience writing different types of marketing materials (like press releases, news articles, blog posts, social media, etc.) by looking at the other sections of her profile here at WriterAccess.


221 Projects Completed

Karen has written dozens of articles on personal finance topics, including:

* Credit repair
* Qualifying for a loan
* The mortgage process
* The refinance process
* The ins and outs of 401Ks
* Types of mortgages
* Interest rates and the factors that affect them
* Federal Reserve rulings
* Federal legislation including loan modification programs
* The wise use of credit

She specializes in taking often complex financial topics and distilling them for a consumer audience so they feel more empowered about their own financial options. Her asset types in this industry include press releases, blog posts, articles, white papers, reports, ebooks, social media posts and scripts.

At WriterAccess, Karen helped a client launch a new site dedicated to providing consumers with information about loans and credit, providing webpage content, blog posts, video scripts, ebooks and other marketing collateral. Her experience covering a wide range of financial topics and producing collateral in a variety of formats means clients can hire her with confidence.


201 Projects Completed

Karen is an experienced education writer, focusing on both traditional and e-learning initiatives for college, high school and elementary students with a focus on learning styles, delivery systems and outreach. During her career, she’s helped educational institutions of all sizes reach larger audiences and underscore the benefits of education to students of all ages with blogs, pamphlets and other materials.


149 Projects Completed

Karen has:

* 15+ years as a Master Gardener
* Written 100+ articles/blog posts about gardening-related topics
* More than 1,000 volunteer hours helping non-profits develop gardening projects
* Worked with special needs school district to implement therapeutic gardening program
* Developed and implemented "butterfly gardens" for two local schools
* Developed and implemented therapeutic gardening program at county-run nursing home


115 Projects Completed

Karen has provided banking institutions and loan companies with consumer-focused marketing materials, ranging from blog content to newsletter articles to email blasts to video scripts for YouTube and self-hosted accounts. Her emphasis is on providing consumers and small businesses with useful information aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of baking instruments including home, auto and personal loans, investment accounts, credit and more, with an overall aim of helping banking clients increase the ROI of their marketing programs.


114 Projects Completed

Karen has experience writing for individual builders and contractors as well as construction companies and companies that specialize in specific aspects of construction, like plumbing or electrical.

In addition to writing articles, blog posts, press releases and other copy that appeals to consumers and helps drive sales, she also specializes in optimizing content with the aim of increasing a site's ranking by search engines.

Web Page

5,599 Projects Completed

Your webpage is like a virtual business card, providing many customers -- and potential customers -- with that all-important first impression. At WriterAccess, Karen has created an array of webpages for doctors, medical practices, hospitals, lawyers and law firms, universities and colleges, insurance agencies and brokerages, retail businesses, commercial B2B enterprises, manufacturing and more, and she has experience creating many different types of webpages, including:

* Home pages
* About us pages
* Our story pages
* Mission statement pages
* Contact us pages
* Landing pages
* Services pages
* Product pages
* "Thanks for visiting our site" pages
* FAQ pages
* Bio pages

She understands the unique purposes of different page types and is skilled at creating copy that meets the requirements of each. In addition to writing individual pages, she's also written content for entire websites, providing a single, consistent "voice" that helps a company promote itself as a reliable, dependable authority -- an essential element in building trust with current and potential customers.

Blog Post

3,055 Projects Completed

Karen has written blog posts for a range of clients, including doctors and other medical professionals, lawyers, real estate professionals, marketing agencies and clients in many other fields. She believes the blog is the ideal medium for really letting the client's unique brand voice and message shine through. Blogs are one of the best and simplest ways to increase page views and to increase customer loyalty (and therefore, ROI). Karen works closely with clients to ensure she understands the voice they prefer to use to make sure they reach their target audiences.


1,606 Projects Completed

During her 20+-year career, Karen has written literally thousands of articles for dozens of clients representing a broad range of industries.

Karen has extensive experience and skill in creating many different types of articles, including:

* Informational
* Educational
* News
* Technical
* Features
* How-to
* Academic
* Marketing
* Blog content

From introductory level pieces to in-depth articles and technical pieces, Karen is able to create the perfect article for your own unique needs.

Press Release

575 Projects Completed

During her 20+-year writing career, Karen Z has written a broad variety of press releases for both lay and professional audiences, including press releases for private corporations, medical societies, physicians, lawyers, small and medium businesses, retail stores and e-commerce sites, and state and local governments. Having worked in the news industry for many years as both a reporter and a copy editor, she has a unique and valuable perspective on what makes a release newsworthy and attractive to the media. In addition to writing your release according to the tone you define (from serious/professional to conversational to humorous), Karen Z can optimize your press release for SEO to help funnel traffic to your site.


152 Projects Completed

Karen has extensive experience in writing nonfiction ebooks for clients in an array of industries, including:
- medical ebooks
- legal ebooks
- personal finance ebooks
- real estate ebooks
- self-help ebooks
Unless the client specifies another approach, the ebook process begins with an outline to ensure the client's objectives are being met, with fine-tuning along the way to make sure the piece achieves the right tone and is optimized to reach and engage the target audience. Although a very short sample of an ebook introduction is provided below, it's important to note this particular ebook was created to embody a specific tone set forth by the client. During your ebook creation process, you'll be able to specify the tine you prefer to reach your own audience and marketing goals.

Newsletter Content

146 Projects Completed

Karen has written copy for B2B, B2C and non-profit clients as well as intra-company newsletters for both large and small businesses. She currently acts as a writer and editor for several quarterly newsletters serving the medical, legal, and accounting industries, and she has been a regular contributor to newsletters distributed by international medical societies as well as Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions.

Facebook Post

58 Projects Completed

With more than 20 years of marketing experience behind her, Karen understands the impact a strong social presence can have on developing and growing your brand and reaching an expanded audience. Her Facebook posts are geared toward providing quick tips or presenting intriguing bits of information aimed at stimulating conversation and comments. Many of her posts distill information taken from a longer piece hosted on the client's site, providing enough information to whet a reader's appetite and ending with a link to the full post at the client's website. She's skilled at integrating social, blog and site content into a seamless marketing program that builds customer confidence and trust.


56 Projects Completed

A brochure can be a powerful marketing tool, providing customers with a "take home" item to which they can refer again and again. It's also a great way to showcase and highlight your product or service and its benefits, and it's the ideal item to use as a handout for fairs, seminars, trade shows and other events.

Karen has created brochures and single-page sales sheets for a wide variety of clients. A brochure is a very visual item; written copy should work hand-in-hand with the final layout. When developing a brochure,

Karen makes sure the final product is chock-full of information but not overcrowded or overly busy; that means that when creating copy, she's mindful of the final layout and visual impact of the piece. Her ultimate goal is to create a piece that clients are proud to have represent their business.

White Paper

44 Projects Completed

Karen has written white papers for clients in multiple industries. Her pieces seek to engage while informing, leading the reader from problem to solution without being overtly "sales-y." Here are a couple of her observations on the white paper's role in marketing and in building a strong, positive reputation between client and customer:

White papers can play a critical role in a business' marketing strategy, particularly when offered as part of the sales funnel. The goal of any white paper, in addition to providing useful information, is to present the client as an authority, with two primary aims: To build trust among potential customers and, ultimately, to drive sales.

An effective white paper carefully walks the line between a purely informational piece and a carefully tailored sales piece. It's not the place for heavy-handed, hard-selling. Instead, the aim should be to provide useful information that recognizes the customer's pain points or problems, demonstrates the client's authority, and then gently guides the customer toward a solution for that pain (the client's product).

A good white paper takes more time to develop than, say, a press release or blog post. However, Karen is able to accommodate quick turn-around times and tight deadlines; she also enjoys working with the client, incorporating their suggestions into the final product to achieve a paper that effectively communicates the client's brand and message.

Here at WriterAccess and for private clients, Karen has created white papers for clients in many industries, including:
- medical and health topics
- legal topics
- personal finance topics including credit and loans/lending
- real estate investing, buying and selling
- insurance
- self-help and psychology
- naturopathic medicine and alternative medicine


37 Projects Completed

Karen has ghostwritten more than a dozen books -- both ebooks and print books. The ebooks she's completed have been for clients interested in developing comprehensive and robust marketing campaigns, typically as part of a sales funnel approach. The print books she's written have been for a major medical society and each focused on a specific type of health/medical issue and its diagnosis and management.

Although many writers prefer to avoid the long format of a book, Karen enjoys gathering information and organizing it into a format that will inform, educate, engage and, yes, even entertain. Some of the ebooks she's completed have followed an outline provided by the client; others have been started "from scratch" with just an idea. In each case, Karen has worked closely with the client to ensure the end product satisfies the client and achieves the book's purpose.

Twitter Post

30 Projects Completed

Writing Twitter posts can be challenging, especially when an embedded link uses up some of those precious characters. Karen knows she has a brief window to make a meaningful impact, and she writes Twitter posts to spark curiosity and motivate readers to "click" to learn more.

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