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Lori W. (aka Lori W.H.) is a content writer, editor and marketing professional with a broad subject area background. In addition to operating Lexington Business Media, she is also a licensed, active Realtor in Lexington, Kentucky, and is owner-partner of Omega Realty Company, launched in 2021.

Among the topics she frequently writes about are: real estate, business start-ups, online marketing, social media, government policy and regulations, healthcare, organic food/products, sustainability, project management, renewable energy/green technologies, finance/investing, nonprofits, news and equine science, among other topics.

She is a syndicated writer in the area of finance and investments. Her work has been published in national and international trade publications, news outlets and consumer publications throughout her 20-plus year career. She is an approved writer on a number of online media platforms.

Lori received a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and also received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture there, with emphasis in animal science.

Lori has resided in Lexington, Kentucky, since 2010. She has held career positions as communications executive, editor, writer, account executive and marketing director in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors. Her own business, Lexington Business Media, specializes in online content development and marketing, SEO, social media management, media relations and PR for business clients representing a variety of industries, but specializing in real estate, business finance, online content and green industries.
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Lori is a highly proficient writer who specializes in online content, including web content, online news, media releases, social media and blogging. As a licensed real estate agent, she specializes in real estate content, but is adept at a number of other industries. She has an excellent grasp of ever-evolving SEO best practices, and s a regular contributor in the area of online marketing for an online media site. Her years in the communications and marketing sector have also provided her with plenty of print experience as well, including brochures, annual reports, custom publications, trade magazines, media release and news articles.


In addition to writing, editing and communications consulting, Lori is an active real estate agent with focus on new construction, property management and real estate investing. She is also a news and political junkie who also enjoys digital design, including infographic creation and web. Other personal interests include fitness and nutrition, community advocacy and volunteering.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lori is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she earned a Bachelor of Science. Her major areas of study included both journalism and animal science. She was active in a number of activities and organizations, and regularly earned Dean's List honors.

Real Estate

466 Projects Completed

In addition to 20+ years in communications, Lori is an active, licensed real estate agent. Because of her marketing and sales background, Lori has exceptional skills available for the real estate sector. She has written entire real estate brokerage websites, as well as articles and blogs specific to real estate investing, first-time home owners, mortgage trends and financing, new construction, the buying process, the selling process, marketing a home for sale, renovation, flips, rental market, luxury homes and commercial properties, among other real estate topics. Because she is an active agent, you can be assured she will be up-to-date on the latest national market trends and no where to turn for the most reliable resources on your local market. Her experience in the industry combined with her years in communications will give your web copy, blog or article the edge you're seeking.


282 Projects Completed

Lori's primary work in healthcare has focused on the impacts of healthcare reform, issues faced by the healthcare supply chain and impacts on the patient experience. In addition, she has also written on health-related topics, such as healthy eating, allergies and women's health issues. Her primary applications have been in the areas of web content, marketing campaigns, advertising copy, white papers, research reports and medical conference education session descriptions.


199 Projects Completed

Lori is the regular content provider for an online auto channel where she provides new vehicles reviews and blogs about trends in the industry. She specializes in hybrid and electric vehicle technology, and alternative energy sources utilized in transportation. In her new car features, galleries and reviews, she describes vehicle performance and power, ease of handling, aesthetics, fuel economy, price and other key attributes.

Green Products

119 Projects Completed

Lori has an extensive background as a writer on alternative energy, green living, green technologies and environmental sustainability. She has the ability to write for both technical and consumer audiences and has applied her talent to features stories, editorials, blogs and web content. She has a strong interest in green technologies and is knowledgeable about green product trends, green business practices and related subject areas.


109 Projects Completed

Lori began her career in communications with the production agriculture sector. Her writing has included feature-length stories as well as editorials and media releases on a broad cross-section of agriculture topics from farm policy to farming practices. With her farm background and degree in animal science, Lori has the ability to put her knowledge and experience to work effortlessly for clients in the agriculture and rural sectors. She is equally adept writing for consumer audiences, farmers and growers, industry experts or policy leaders.

Green Living

109 Projects Completed

Lori has served as a freelancer for the world's largest ethanol and renewable fuel company. She also served as the communications consultant for the national organic food coalition and is currently a content provider on renewable fuels for a leading online resource site where she has been publishing six to eight feature stories and three to five blogs every month since February 2011. She has also completed freelance and staff writing assignments on green living, green business practices and green healthcare. Lori has served as an online news writer and blogger for a news and information resource site, specializing in organic and natural food, and sustainable living.


101 Projects Completed

Lori Weaver has extensive experience writing on business topics on a number of platforms, including business planning, capitalization, finance and marketing. She has also written about business apps targeted at improving productivity. Her articles have been written for audiences ranging from novice marketers to seasoned business owners.


100 Projects Completed

With a bachelor of science degree in journalism and animal science rather than a bachelor of arts degree, Lori has extensive scientific knowledge, particularly in the life sciences. She has written numerous scientific research articles for statewide, national and international publications targeting both b-to-b and b-to-c segments. Although adept at writing on a number of scientific subject areas, she has specialized in animal science, plant science, nutrition and energy.


55 Projects Completed

Lori's primary focus on the food sector has been in the areas of food safety, food labeling, sustainability and organic markets. She created a monthly e-newsletter on food safety distributed to 1,500 opt-in subscribers. She is a writer for an online news company, posting in the areas of sustainable and organic foods. She has also served as the media relations director for a national organic food advocacy client.

Non Profit

54 Projects Completed

Lori W. served as communications executive for a regional nonprofit organization for over a decade, while also using her writing talents to convey a sense of urgency on issues championed by non-profit organizations and the humanitarian efforts of private corporations throughout her career. She has provided web content, advertising copy and media releases for a number of organizations and causes. She has developed entire campaigns for nonprofit issues, including formation of advocacy groups, fundraising, website development, media relations, social media marketing and grassroots volunteer organization.


41 Projects Completed

Lori has a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism, providing her with a strong background in scientific subject areas, including nutrition. She has a special interest and knowledge in animal nutrition as well as human nutrition as it relates to sustainable and organic foods. She contributes regularly to a food column for an online news and content provider.


23 Projects Completed

Lori has created a number of short articles on gardening and backyard farming, with an emphasis on organic practices. Utilizing her farm background, knowledge of natural gardening practices and basic agronomic understanding, Lori has been able to write a number of well-received articles for an online web content provider feeding into several prominent websites.


14 Projects Completed

Lori has substantial experience writing for a number of industries, including the education sector. Her writing experience has included a wide range of education-related topics and circumstances, including news reporting on education board actions, providing newsletter content for a college's alumni publication and contributing to the research publication of a land grant university. In addition, she has worked for an online content provider by providing articles within a range of education subject areas.


1,236 Projects Completed

Lori's writing career spans more than 20 years, including time spent as a journalist. During this time, she has had articles of varying types and lengths published both online and in print for domestic and international publications. Currently, she concentrates in the area of online content. She has the ability to write on a broad range of topics, and is adept at doing the research and interviews necessary to ensure an accurate, high-quality piece. She has written articles of all styles, from news to business trends to human interest. She is an approved news article writer for nearly a dozen online news platforms and has over a hundred online examples of her article writing..

Blog Post

1,168 Projects Completed

Lori has many years of experience writing blogs, both under her byline and the bylines of clients and employer/CEOs. Her ability to use a conversational writing style while utilizing the blog format to urge her audience to action has been an important asset for her clients. Lori has direct experience in a number of business sectors as well as the capability to thoroughly research her subject matter and audience to write effective copy regardless of industry. She is also adept at SEO and is capable of writing a blog that provides an authoritative voice and weaves in keywords and links in a natural way. She is an approved blogger for over a dozen online platforms as well as several of her own online properties.

Press Release

1,007 Projects Completed

Lori has created countless media releases throughout her 20-plus-year career. From her ability to effortlessly set up an effective media release to her expertise in shaping words in a way that most effectively conveys key messages, Lori remains mindful of the need to ensure an appropriate brand image. Her background in both crisis communications and media relations has proven invaluable to her efforts in meeting some of the most challenging media release needs.

Facebook Post

281 Projects Completed

Lori has provide social media marketing services for a number of employers and clients with measurable results by way of increased interaction and a rise in number of active followers. She understands the special needs of social media writing and has the skills to analyze results as well as integrate several social media channels into one marketing campaign.

Direct Mail

253 Projects Completed

Lori has immense experience creating direct mail campaigns, both print and digital. Her ability to create and present campaign themes, tie in eye-catching headers and provide vibrant copy appropriate to the audience and medium has benefited clients and employers across a broad cross-section of industries. She is equally adept at creating print or digital campaigns and can expertly integrate several components into one cohesive campaign.


200 Projects Completed

Lori has been writing and creating presentations throughout her career. Her expertise in creating presentations in MS PowerPoint has ensured her clients received a top-shelf presentation for corporate annual meetings, marketing presentations, keynote addresses, education programs and online venues. Her training in design, coupled with her excellent writing skills and attention to detail, help her to create professional presentations incorporating key messages while contributing to a positive brand image.


157 Projects Completed

Lori has created countless brochures, flyers and booklets for organizations and companies throughout her career, including pieces used for general marketing, call to action, product launches, membership brochures, event promotion, service promotion, fund development and other purposes. As a professional writer with knowledge and experience in design as well, she brings an especially effective skill set to brochure projects, assuring copy is well-placed and of proper length to yield the greatest impact.

Web Page

153 Projects Completed

Lori's core business has often consisted of providing custom content for corporate and nonprofit organization websites. She understands that writing web content differs from other types of content writing. Her understanding of best practices for search engine optimization is of particular benefit to her web content clients. She is able to analyze existing web content and recommend improvements as well as create new content utilizing keyword optimization.


101 Projects Completed

Throughout her lengthy career in professional communications, Lori has written numerous speeches and keynote addresses. Her ability to "hear" the written word as she creates a client's speech ensures a high-quality, professional presentation that resonates with key audiences. She has also provided visual aids that complement the speech text. She has the ability to perfectly fit a client's needs for timing, style and subject matter.

Twitter Post

101 Projects Completed

While others in media were wringing their hands over the game-changing impacts of social media, Lori was already urging her clients to let her harness new media tools in telling their story. She has experience in creating Twitter accounts and successfully attracting quality leads with consistent, timely, informative posts. Lori understands the need to intertwine hard-selling posts with informative, sometimes light-hearted, Tweets to effectively build an audience following.

White Paper

56 Projects Completed

With a career that has included a significant number of years targeting business-to-business communications, Lori has the experience to produce well-written white papers that can significantly contribute to a company's custom content. Her skills in conducting research, analyzing trends and creating logical copy flow have been essential to her success in creating white papers for a number of industries, including healthcare, renewable energy, animal nutrition and other sectors.

Mobile Content

50 Projects Completed

Lori's website content and design experience has opened the door to her ability to customize content for mobile view. Her ability to consider layout, length of verbiage and image placement has proven essential to her clients in creating effective mobile content. She has applied her mobile content skills to clients in the events, lobbying and consulting sectors. Lori also recognizes that certain targeted audiences in marketing campaigns are more likely to view newsletters or advertisements on their mobile devices and therefore, she pays special attention to optimizing content for mobile viewing.


45 Projects Completed

Lori has had the opportunity to create scripts for videos throughout her career. She understands that video is one of the fast-growing media and can be effectively used by companies and nonprofits alike to build corporate image, engage existing and prospective clients, and convey key messages. Lori has experience in the use of both informal and formal video. She has a knack for timing her script to images for the most effective messaging.


25 Projects Completed

Lori has extensive experience in producing creative advertising copy, developing or conceptualizing ad layout, and integrating advertisements into overall marketing campaigns and strategies. She has created advertisements for both non-profits and private companies during her 20-plus year career in communications and marketing. In addition, to print advertising, Lori has experiencing writing advertisement scripts for radio.

Banner Ad

25 Projects Completed

Lori has created clickable, trackable banner ads for clients and employers utilizing email-marketing campaigns to reach key target audiences. She is able to propose options that help companies and nonprofit organizations garner the best exposure and attract the highest click rates. She has the knowledge and skills to create eye-catching headlines that get the message across and spur action.

Radio Spot

19 Projects Completed

Beginning with her responsibilities as account executive for a large public relations firm early in her career, Lori has had a number of opportunities to write copy for production of radio spots. In more recent years, she has partnered with radio talent to produce radio spots that provide an effective call to action. She understands that radio advertising calls for word choices and verbiage styles that set it apart from writing for other media. She has the ability to successfully paint the necessary picture for targeted audiences through her copy. Most recently, she worked with a nonprofit organization in its fight against prescription drug abuse to launch a four-month campaign tying together website, video, social media and radio.


15 Projects Completed

With her background in association and nonprofit work, Lori has a proven track record in creating successful grant, fundraising and business development proposals. Her attention to detail, excellent organizational skills and years of writing experience contribute greatly to the success of her clients' proposals. Over the years, she has participated in workshops providing continuing education on grant and proposal writing, assuring she is able to apply her best skills to a client's grant request or proposal project.


13 Projects Completed

Lori has had the opportunity to develop webinars for several business-to-business clients. Her involvement has included identifying and securing presenters, creating presentations and marketing to targeted webinar audiences. She has also developed web content for hosting webinar archives. Her ability to ensure webinar content contributes effectively to the overall company brand and marketing strategy is a particular strength.


2 Projects Completed

Lori had the opportunity to serve as ghostwriter on the final chapters of a book exploring changes in food production and has also consulted on several other books. She has the ability to thoroughly research topic areas to create expert copy written in a style perfectly suited to her client's business sector and project goals.

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