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Madeline B
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In her high school years, Maddie participated in speech and debate, honing her research and writing skills. Writing, memorizing and performing 10 minute long speeches, all while simultaneously preparing debate cases, contributed to her love for writing and challenging herself. There she gained confidence in her writing ability for public speeches, informational topics, and research based cases and/or speeches.

Maddie continued to develop her passion for writing during her Junior year of high school AP English course. She was challenged to better her writing ability, something that Maddie continued to pursue in her senior year of High School and throughout her college years.

Majoring in Strategic Communication, Maddie's college studies focused primarily on branding, PR, marketing, strategic writing, research and data analysis. She quickly found that she easily excelled in all of her writing courses; whether it be legal writing, journalism, researched based reports, or creative writing, Maddie succeeded and thoroughly enjoyed any and all writing tasks.

After graduating college in the summer of 2021, Maddie started her first professional career as a digital marketing specialist for iMatrix; providing website development, SEO & marketing strategy, Google Ads management, etc. for chiropractors, veterinarians, and optometrists. During this time, she quickly fell into a lead specialist tole; training new employees and supervisors, handling the companies largest clients that require a more in depth marketing and SEO analysis.

This was where she fell back into her love of writing and editing. With her new understanding of SEO and the importance of on page content, Maddie paired these skills alongside her writing ability to edit and further curate content for clients websites to ensure optimal response from Google.
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