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Michael V. earned an AA Degree in Advertising and Marketing at Los Angeles Pierce College. Following graduation, he established himself as an advertising professional, working on staff for ad agencies, and also freelance, and writing advertising and promotional copy for a diverse assortment of products and businesses, such as motion pictures, real estate, and restaurants. He expanded his writing skills to include press releases, press kits, bios, blogs, articles, and e-books, and currently works as a freelance content writer in the specialty areas of Filmmaking and Art & Design. He has worked as a screenwriter-for-hire in the film industry, has studied film and film history, and even comes from an industry family! He is no less a stranger on the subject of art, being an artist himself since childhood, and having attended art school after earning his college degree. Michael V.'s recent freelance writing credits include a myriad of articles and blogs on filmmaking and the film business, as well as like pieces on art and design. Michael V. combines his knowledge and imagination with a strong and unerring respect for craft to create pieces of writing that entertain, inform, and enlighten.


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Drawing on his knowledge of, and passion for, filmmaking and motion pictures, Michael V. has written numerous articles and blogs on diverse aspects of the film industry, including historical overviews of innovations in the business, movie music, and the penchant for re-makes, profiles of actors past and present, and pieces on current state-of-the-art realities in film marketing and distribution.

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Michael V. has added blog posting to his repertoire with quick success, conceiving and writing well-received posts for several company blogs and websites. Industries/topics have included motion pictures, filmmaking and film history, home and garden design, and funding, branding, and marketing for small to medium-size businesses. He combines diverse knowledge with creativity and experience, and always leaves the client more than satisfied. Michael V. is a featured writer on the WriterAccess Blog.


Michael V. has written several content articles, primarily in the areas of entertainment, motion pictures, filmmaking and film distribution, and art and design. His topics have included the evolution of the film industry, movie music, the "new Hollywood" of the 1970's, the cutting edge of online film distribution today, and profiles of artists such as painter Frank Stella and graphic designer Saul Bass. He has also written feature articles on events such as the Beverly Hills Film Festival.


After years of experience as a writer in several other disciplines (see overview of experience on main profile page), Michael V. recently forayed into ebooks with a compelling and thought-provoking 2012 tome on Bradley Manning, the infamous Wikileaks whistleblower, and his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. The book, published by Hyperink.com, is a skillful blend of storytelling and reportage. Michael V. used his experience in story outlines and treatments for film, as well as his interest in politics and journalism, to craft a manuscript he is most proud of.

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