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Stasi earned her Bachelor's Degree in Education at Indiana University at Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has worked in public education for over fifteen years and has experience working with children of all ages and various socioeconomic backgrounds. Her first children's novel was published in July, 2011 by Black Heron Press and received a good review from Kirkus.

Stasi has been working as a freelance writer for several years. She has extensive experience writing health, medical, legal, and educational content. Stasi has also written a variety of blogs and articles on beauty and home improvement topics. She has written hundreds of articles and blogs in a timely and professional manner. She has the ability to explain complex medical and legal terms in a way that is concise and easy to understand.


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  • Legal50+
  • Health50+
  • Education20+
  • Beauty10+

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Stasi has written several legal articles and blogs, and in particular those relating to personal injury. She has written articles for Writer Access as well as other online companies. Stasi specializes in putting together well-researched legal articles that are related to health and medical issues.


Stasi has written 33 health-related articles, newsletters, and blogs for WriterAccess. Five of the assignments have exceeded expectations with the others meeting expectations. Stasi has written on topics ranging from cancer and Alzheimer's disease to fitness tips and weight-loss procedures. She has experience writing articles on the health-related aspects of medical breakthroughs and advancing technologies such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Stasi also has experience writing about health for other online writing companies.


Stasi has several years of experience working with students and their parents. She has worked in nearly all elementary grade levels. She recently had an article published regarding bullying. The article offered advice for parents who are frustrated when it seems a teacher is not dealing with their complaints that their child has been bullied. Stasi has experience with this issue, as well as many others, from the vantage point of both a teacher and a parent.


Stasi has extensive experience writing a variety of beauty and fitness related articles and blogs. She's written specifically about skin care and how nutrition and vitamins can affect beauty and health.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Stasi has received 38 exceeded ratings and 1 endorsement in the area of blog posts while working for Writer Access. She has also written hundreds of blog posts for other online writing sites. She has experience in a variety of fields, with particular emphasis on health, fitness, education, and legal topics. Stasi has the ability to put together fun, entertaining pieces as well as those requiring extensive research.


Stasi has received 3 endorsements and several exceeded ratings while writing articles for Writer Access. She has also written hundreds of articles for a variety of online writing companies. Stasi has the ability to write articles of varying lengths on a wide range of topics.

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