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Brooke is a senior at Florida Atlantic University. As a writer, she specializes in sports journalism and advertising. She has previously held an internship with a leading sports radio network where she wrote commercial scripts, sports reviews, and interview questions. Brooke has also worked for a golf tournament on the PGA Tour. There, Brooke composed tournament advertisements as well as newsletters and email blasts with the purpose of increasing ticket sales and raising awareness of the tournament’s community impact. As a writer, Brooke is always looking to improve her writing techniques and become the best writer she can be. Her hope is to entice readers and promote the companies or products in which she is writing about. Brooke’s passions include blogging, sports journalism, charity promotions, and reading. Brooke hopes to one day have her own magazine column, as well as publish a novel. She strives to always catch the attention of readers with her witty insight while keeping them captivates and entertained.
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Brooke has expertise in both advertising and sports journalism. She has previously worked for a leading sports radio network where she spent her time creating commercial scripts, summarizing games, and composing interviews. She has also held a position with a golf tournament on the PGA Tour where she wrote advertisements for charity golf tournaments and created promotional pieces for the tournament’s social media outlets. In her spare time, Brooke enjoys reading and creative writing.


Brooke’s interests include blogging, advertising, sports journalism, and reading. She loves informing readers while also entertaining them with her witty humor and insight on a topic. She loves reading from a variety of different authors and using their writing styles and techniques as inspiration in her own writing. Grabbing a reader’s attention, making a point, and entertaining them while doing so is Brooke’s main goal as a writer.


Florida Atlantic University

Brooke is currently pursuing a degree in Multi-Media Journalism. She is also minoring in English. She enjoys filling her schedule with creative writing and journalism courses.

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Brooke specializes in advertising for charity events. Her current work includes advertisements for events scheduled within a charity golf tournament. She has written advertisements for events ranging from family fun day to wine tastings. She works hard encouraging readers to attend these events as well as educating them about how the tournament is benefiting our community.

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Brooke's blog posts captivate readers by providing them with humor and insight into the life of a young student. She shares her opinions and witty comments on a number of topics including her personal life, school, work, and the products she is currently using. As a blogger, Brooke is able to masterfully entertain her audience while also informing them on certain topics.

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