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Sara has over ten years of experience in comedy writing. She worked in podcast script and block writing, speech writing, and helping comics organize and expand their materials for various platforms.

Unusual in the comedy world, Sara's journalism degree and news experience provide a foundation of professionalism and accuracy. A few years in corporate writing and marketing show sharp skills in effective communication.


Sara specializes in speech writing, turning ideas into final writing products, script writing, along with various forms of comedic communication. These include corporate event speeches, podcast scripting, newsletters, and helping others relay their ideas clearly and effectively.


Sara specializes in the strange and elevating the banal. She's written roasts of friends and employees for others, rhyming epic poems for venture capital firms, and commercials for educational products. If someone has an idea but isn't sure how to develop it into a finished package, she will lead you there.


200 Projects Completed

Sara has written television scripts, radio blocks, satirical articles, awards show monologues, and essays in her 10+ years of experience.


60 Projects Completed

Sara has written for numerous travel blogs and publications. She has contacts worldwide from previous travels that provide her with unique information and experiences not already found online. She's surprised past employers with ideas they never considered for certain locations.

Sara speaks Spanish and Italian along with experience in Arabic and Russian. (She knows the alphabet and is able to translate written content easily.)


80 Projects Completed

Sara has written speeches for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and awards shows. She specializes in relaying a meaningful message, keeping the crowd giggling, and a bit of shock value if requested.

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