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Kelce has been a lifelong writer in a variety of genres. They first started their writing career by writing and directing one-act plays for their college, local theater, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival. They later applied their writing skills to online blogging, serving as a primary editor and contributor on a blog for traveling parents of autistic children. Kelce then spent several years as an SEO Analyst, working heavily on optimizing website content. In their own time, they write gaming articles and fiction.
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Kelce's writing specialties include SEO-optimized content, content marking, content creation, and blogging. They have six years of experience writing SEO-optimized content for local attorneys, e-commerce companies, and general bloggers. They also continued to write their personal work, creating content for the Magic: the Gathering fandom.


Kelce is currently finishing their first novel, which they plan to release before the end of 2022. In addition to professional writing, they are an avid fantasy fiction writer, writing novels and short stories alike. They also enjoy drawing and art. In their spare time, they play games like Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Elden Ring.


University of California, Santa Cruz

After studying for two years at a community college, Kelce transferred to UCSC to finish out their English degree. They were soon accepted into the Creative Writing focus program at the college. There they improved their craft through study, practice, and peer review. They gained experience in editing by helping other students work on their pieces.


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Kelce has contributed to and edited a third-party Dungeons and Dragons item book series. They also have previously written blogs and articles on Magic: the Gathering, focusing on social, diversity, and inclusion issues as well as theories.

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Kelce has worked on a travel blog for parents of autistic children. In addition to rewriting roughly 200 previous posts, they also write several new articles for the blog. During their time as an SEO Analyst, they frequently worked with blog posts to ensure they were SEO friendly.


20 Projects Completed

Kelce has written multiple articles as a contributor on a travel blog for parents of autistic children. They also have written an extensively researched article for a Magic: the Gathering content creation website. They also write personal articles about diversity in gaming spaces.

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