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Norene is a versatile writer and content developer. She is experienced in generating article ideas, conducting research, developing the structure of a content piece, and writing and editing across a range of formats from website copy and blog posts to email copy, video scripts, and online brochures. Norene understands how to optimize for search and can integrate your search terms into your content in a natural way favored by search engines.

Norene is new to WriterAccess and is eager to build relationships with new clients and write on a wide range of topics. Please message her with any questions you might have about her experience or qualifications.


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Industry Projects

  • Education100+
  • Software20+
  • Marketing7

Summary of Industry Experience


Norene's work history includes a variety of marketing roles within a mid-sized educational technology company. She wrote hundreds of content pieces targeting the K-12 education market in the US and Canada, including web pages, blog posts, emails, brochures, press releases, Facebook posts, and tweets for this employer.


Norene has completed dozens of projects focused on educational software--both installed software and software as a service. Her focus has been on marketing content geared toward K-12 schools and districts as well as parents of school-age children. Her projects have included web pages, brochures, press releases, FAQs, and social media posts.


Norene has helped a number of small business owners build professional websites. Her services include consulting, writing and editing online copy, creating Google ads and optimizing for organic search.

She has also provided training to small business owners about marketing their businesses online by blogging, optimizing for organic search (SEO), and participating in social media.

Product Projects

  • Twitter Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Brochure10+

Summary of Product Experience

Twitter Post

Norene has created upwards of two hundred tweets for several Twitter profiles. The tweets have included informational tweets and conversational tweets with followers. Occasionally, Norene has tweeted answers to basic customer service questions.

Web Page

Norene wrote 100+ web pages and web page updates geared toward K-12 schools and districts as well as parents of struggling learners. She has written product descriptions, pages describing benefits for different customer segments, company descriptions, PPC landing pages, and FAQs. Norene understands that every web page is in dialogue with other web pages on the site, and is able to identify opportunities to effectively link pages together to enhance user experience and contribute to on-page search engine optimization efforts.

Blog Post

Norene created a company blog at a mid-size educational software company. She researched and selected post topics and wrote titles and keywords for the posts. She authored a minimum of 45 blog posts, many of which she ghostwrote. In addition, Norene edited more than 200 blog posts published during the two and a half years that she managed the blog.


Norene has created copy for at least 10 brochures about educational software products aimed primarily at K-12 schools and districts. Norene worked with product managers and visual designers to gather essential product information and effectively communicate features and benefits. Approximately half of the brochures were created for print; the other half were created as PDFs for prospects to download online.

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