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Elyse is an expert at crafting impactful statements that keep people reading and clicking. She is a Copywriter and Content Strategist with 5 years of experience crafting ad and marketing copy for clients across diverse industries.

Elyse makes the effort to understand your target audience and write in your brand's voice. You can expect the copy you receive from her to blend seamlessly with your existing marketing materials.

If something doesn't hit the mark, Elyse responds promptly to figure out the issue and correct it so that you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Elyse is a joy to work with and communicative every step of the way! She can't wait to hear more about your project.
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Elyse specializes in writing for beauty, home living, health/wellness, self-help, marketing, human resources, music/the arts, and education.

Before becoming a writer, Elyse worked eight years as a human resources professional, so she understands staffing, benefits, and employment law.

Elyse is also a musician/composer and can write about music gear, classical music, popular music, and other music-related topics.


Elyse is a published poet and musician whose poems have appeared in over a dozen publications. Her first chapbook is coming out this summer. In 2020, she won a music composition competition for a classical music piece she wrote for flute, voice, handheld percussion, and electronic sounds.

Elyse lives by the beach in sunny southern California and enjoys roller skating and volunteering with animals.


University of California Santa Barbara


70 Projects Completed

Elyse has specialized in writing for beauty brands including haircare, skincare, and other lifestyle brands. As these things are a personal interest for her, Elyse finds them very enjoyable to write about. She loves reading customer reviews for research and seeing what real people are saying about your product. She'll then turn this into great copy that resonates with your target audience.


20 Projects Completed

Elyse has written for many e-commerce businesses and has worked full-time as an in-house copywriter and strategist for an e-commerce brand. Digital marketing is crucial for business, especially e-commerce since it's a highly visual medium. You have to be able to tell your brand's story on-screen to capture your audience's attention. Elyse has done just that in the content and copy she's written for e-commerce businesses.

Self Help

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Elyse enjoys writing about self-help and wellness. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology, so she brings a level of knowledge and expertise to the subject. She is happy knowing that the content and copy she writes will ultimately reach the people who need it and help them live their best lives.


8 Projects Completed

As a copywriter, Elyse enjoys writing about—yes—copywriting. Writing about copywriting and marketing helps Elyse solidify her understanding of books, courses, and her experience in marketing and copywriting. She hopes to be able to share her knowledge and tips with others interested in this field.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

Elyse writes SEO content about beauty, lifestyle, wellness, health, fashion, the environment, and copywriting. Her blog content is engaging and clear. She employs content writing best practices when writing blog posts, keeping paragraphs short and using lots of headings and subheadings.

Elyse has a strong voice when writing content, but she can adapt her voice to any brand. She understands the importance of keeping a consistent brand voice across channels.

Email Copy

60 Projects Completed

Elyse has done everything from cold sales emails to designing multi-part drip email marketing sequences. She knows how to tailor emails to your target audience. She knows how to make sales emails appear personal and writes captivating subject lines that get your prospects to open the email. You're in good hands when you choose Elyse to write your marketing emails.

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