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With 5-Star reviews for all her work and an 86% returning client rate, together with a number of personal ongoing corporate clients, Sharron is keen to share her passion and expertise with others.

Some of her topics have included:

* How to deal with grief
* Dynamometer calibration in racing cars
* Getting rid of hoverflies
* Best things for families to do in Jamaica
* The dirty little secret to becoming a bestselling author
* SEO strategies for massive exposure
* How to clear a clogged drain
* Real estate property descriptions
* NFT collection descriptions
* Space travel

And a host of other topics. Sharron's quirky, infectious, and humorous style (when it suits) and her passion and commitment to every project keep her in high demand with referrals and many returning clients.
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Sharron doesn't have any specialties as such because she gives 110% to every client.

With the utmost desire for happy clients, Sharron is happy to review, alter or edit any article until the client has exactly what they need.

She excels at articles that give her an opportunity to use her imagination, knowledge, and expertise, and subscribes to the theory that success is doing what everyone else doesn't do!

To this end, Sharron is not into cookie-cutter, copy and paste, plagiarism-infused articles - everything is from the horse's mouth!

Sharron treats every project as if it were her own, and has an intense understanding and interest in the purpose of the project and how she can contribute to bringing her clients the best result possible.

While being a 95% English Major, Sharron doesn't rest on her laurels and uses Grammarly Premium, Surfer SEO, and Copyscape in all her work to ensure the client receives only the very best.


Sharron loves nothing more than adding her 'special magic' to any article she writes. She has the ability to look at subjects from many different angles and looks for unique perspectives for every topic to ensure uniqueness in her writing.

Sharron loves to give a reader motivation, insight, and value, and where applicable, to make an impact. Her many and varied life experiences give her an empathy and passion rarely found, and this gives a perspective not seen by the masses.

Sharron's main passion is her family, who are a very closely-knit bunch with yet again a different perspective due to experiences that many never encounter.

Sharron's son was the victim of a near-drowning accident and, despite initial doubts that he would survive, has done so, broadening every spectrum of the family's life. Fighting for many years against the odds, her son is far from the 'vegetable' the family was told to expect. This experience alone has deepened the family connections but also allowed a mental and physical expansion and growth not granted to many.

When she's not writing, you'll find Sharron behind a microphone entertaining the crowd with her quick wit and penchant for karaoke. She's run her own karaoke business for 12 years and loves the social interaction, but more importantly, the ability to make people happy.


160 Projects Completed

Sharron has written for a number of clients in the beauty industry.

Most of her work has consisted of either blog posts or articles with an emphasis on SEO.

Some of the titles include:

Skin Wrinkles: Some Surefire Home Remedies
Skin Wrinkles: What Part Does Ethnicity Play in Skin Wrinkles
Skin Wrinkles: What Lies Beneath
How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots
Tackling Neck Wrinkles The Easy Way
The Path To Glowing Skin
What Causes Wrinkles?
Ultimate Guide to First-Time Botox
What to Expect at Your First Botox Treatment
Waxing: To Wax or Not to Wax?
Micro-Dermabrasion: The New Kid on the Block
Sun or Self-Tanning: Pros and Cons of Both


150 Projects Completed

Sharron writes for many different types of businesses with subjects such as:
- Avoiding business failure
- Pivoting businesses as a result of Covid
- Workplace falls and accidents
- IT staffing
- Branding
- Building websites that convert
- Business strategies
- Digital Marketing
- Working remotely
- Freelancing
- IT Inventory
- Windows Server 2022 standard edition
- New employee onboarding
- Payroll
- Scaffold safety training
- Commercial kitchen/restaurant fire prevention
- Workplace violence prevention
- Harassment-free workplaces


150 Projects Completed

Sharron writes for many clients in the health sector, with article examples such as:

- EMDR therapy
- Acupuncture
- CPR first aid AED courses
- Self-care strategies
- First aid kit essentials
- Urgent care vs emergency room
- What to do with a broken bone
- Trauma-informed treatment
- Addictions
- Bug bites
- Falls prevention
- Immune system strengthening
- Tips for living well with covid

Blog Post

252 Projects Completed

As well as writing blog posts for clients on a variety of subjects, Sharron has her own blogs that she writes for regularly.

Clients include many from service industries who are looking for ongoing content - specifically SEO centered - for organic reach.

Sharron also maintains and consistently updates her own blogs within the digital marketing and content marketing arenas.


206 Projects Completed

Sharron writes regularly for business clients in many industries including:

- Real estate
- Services (HVAC, plumbers, electricians, builders, tax agents etc)-
- Product descriptions
- Addictions
- Affiliate marketing
- Hardware and software
- Digital marketing

Sharron is happy to write articles on any subject and if the subject is unfamiliar, she will conduct research until she is happy she is completing the client's brief.

Web Page

20 Projects Completed

Sharron has written for small businesses and companies who are embarking on their online exposure by writing web pages such as:

- About us
- Landing pages
- Contact us
- Product descriptions
- Services

This includes creating autoresponder messages for clients after the capture of their potential customers' names and email addresses.


3 Projects Completed

Sharron has written 3 ebooks so far and likes to write these when she's not writing for clients.

She's written for children, and also within the personal wealth arena.

Her next ebook will be about her experiences as the parent of a severely disabled child - the trials and tribulations, handling grief, and handling circumstances that arise that are not faced within the normal realms of parenting.

Because Sharron loves the opportunity to use her experience and imagination, ebook writing is a particular passion and she loves to look for the unique angle that may not always be obvious.


1 Projects Completed

Sharron has been responsible for creating an ongoing portfolio of NFT descriptions for a client.

Characters so far number over 100, and Sharron must develop and describe these characters within a very small description word count.

The project entails the client presenting some characters who have varying traits, disabilities, and disorders - both physical and mental - and Sharron needs to give an insight into how, despite the trial, disability or disorder, the character is unique.

Sharron thoroughly enjoys this ongoing project as it enables her to inject facets of her own personality into her work.

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