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Rhonda J. has had over twenty five years writing experience, with five of those years focused on intensive editing. She currently works as Managing Editor for an independent publisher, where her job duties include acquiring manuscripts, performing final editing before publication and setting up of print and electronic books at sales venues.

Rhonda has a background in banking, where she held positions in corporate training and wrote and disseminated training manuals and quality control standards. Also, she is in her final year of an MFA program which focuses on writing. The core curriculum of this program is writing intensive, and she also critiques the work of classmates as well as critically reviews published works.

Attention to detail, time management, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction are her strong points. she guarantees the quality every written work deserves.

Rhonda would be a great selection for your project because she has the multi-genre/multi-form experience that many writers and editors do not. Not only does she have freelance editing experience, but she also has invested time and money into continuing her editing and writing education with her graduate degree. Rhonda's high level of expertise is evident in her willingness to make this investment into her career.

Rhonda has worked with content writing companies and has ghostwritten numerous articles, e-books, blog posts and stories on various topics.

She looks forward to working with you.


fiction writing
ebook writing
relationship article writing
parenting article writing
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Rhonda is an avid writer and reader and is dedicated to balancing a freelance writing/editing career while raising her children. Hobbies include: reading, wrangling children, editing


Seton Hill University

Writing intensive graduate program, focused on the critical examination of written works as well as the production of marketable fiction.


20 Projects Completed

Rhonda has ghostwritten numerous pieces focused on family/kids and parenting. She is also the married parent of four children and stays abreast of parenting trends and issues.


20 Projects Completed

Rhonda has worked in the publishing industry for over twenty five years and has written several blog posts and articles on the field.


10 Projects Completed

Rhonda has written articles, blog posts and fiction works regarding relationships for several years.


2 Projects Completed

Rhonda has worked as a ghostwriter for content writing companies and has written high quality
articles, blog posts, stories/novels and e-books on various topics. These assignments have
included SEO web content as well. Under her own byline, she has also been published in the
romance, erotica and horror genres as well as in articles.

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