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Joshua K
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Josh has been writing since he can remember. In his stash of personal items, he has stories dating back to third grade (and they still read pretty well, all things considered).

His passion lies in writing fiction and poetry, especially fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Sadly, raw passion very rarely pays the bills, so Josh pursued a Marketing degree from the University of Tampa. While there, he also completed a History degree and spent several years writing at the student newspaper.

He started his career with a marketing internship in the Education industry, working for a $100M company that sells high-stakes, research-backed education and clinical assessments to educators and psychologists. Within a few years, he was promoted to product marketing manager for the $40M clinical assessment portfolio, a position he held for several years. During that time he was responsible for generating copy for brochures, email campaigns, the catalog, the website, and other areas.

Thirteen years later, he is still at the same company, though now he manages the website and eCommerce experience, and is constantly working to tighten copy across the site and update product descriptions.

In his free time, Josh manages his own website, where he publishes his creative writing.
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