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Joel’s skills will best serve those who are seeking direction with or critique of nearly any literary field or subfield related to intellectual history, philosophy of religion, or linguistics. He will consider any literary project with or without acknowledgment (ghostwriter). Through academic research and publishing he has acquired certain insights into social and economic functions within western societies. Joel has published four trade books, submitted multiple research articles to peer-reviewed journals and has been part of the peer review process associated with academic journals. His consultation services include providing assistance for projects in the developmental phase or with the structuring and organization of content at any phase of the project. His past consultations have been described as flexible, he has either, conducted research and provided citations for the work with annotated analysis, or interpreted the sources and provided all the content himself.


Joel specializes in providing critiques for non-fiction, narrowly focused narratives composed for articles, and meta-narratives for books. Specialized topics include: intellectual history, philosophy of history, philosophy of religion, and political theory. He has worked with ancient languages analyzing words to better understand passages for comparative studies. Joel also has experience in producing rhetoric designed for tactical persuasion and emotional influence.


Joel’s primary research interests include: philosophy of history, ANE studies, philosophy of religion, western thought, and linguistics. Nearly any theoretical foundation of a narrative related to historical or political dialectics. Most of his published work relates to the philosophy of history, intellectual history, and political theory. Although, he has been known to work on projects that are more didactic in scope.


Liberty University

Joel studied ANE studies, history, and linguistics


4 Projects Completed

Joel has experience working with editors, copyeditors, and project managers to bring work to completion. He understands the format and type setting requirements because he has first-hand experience polishing manuscripts to bring them to industry standards. He has worked to organize and structure manuscripts to meet publishing standards and provide the best content available to readers.


2 Projects Completed

Joel has provided content for blogs and books. He has produced content for bloggers as a ghostwriter on topics related to political theory, theory of war, and western thought. He has also published his own book on political theory and war. He has advised authors on structure and organization signed NDA and even provided some of the content and research.


4 Projects Completed

Joel has published four books via a traditional well-known publisher. He has traveled abroad to research most of the content for these books. The only sources used were those that held-up to academic standards after passing intense evaluation. Digital archives were utilized to access primary sources many of which required translating from their ancient language to modern English. Other primary sources included visiting archaeological sites. All information was collected in notes and photographs which was edited and complied to form the narratives for some of the projects. Some of Joel’s peers have endorsed his books.

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