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Lynn H
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After receiving a B.S. degree in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering with a minor in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines in 1983, Lynn worked for Hach Company in Loveland, CO as a Product Specialist and Product Manager in their Carle Gas Chromatograph product line to develop, test and deliver customized configurations primarily for refining and petrochemical clients.

As part of her duties, Lynn developed comprehensive client quotations which explained how the gas chromatograph would accomplish the client's specified analyses and the limitations they might expect. Additionally, she was responsible for developing training materials to deliver these systems.

Her experience led her to invest in and join a start-up company, Wasson-ECE, when Hach decided to sell the Carle line to Chandler EG&G. As the Product and Marketing Manager, Lynn grew sales at the fledgling company from zero to over $3 million in two years. She continued to foster company growth until her departure in 1997.

During her time at Wasson-ECE, Lynn developed advertising and marketing materials, mailers, comprehensive client quotations, service manuals, and training materials for internal and client use. She also developed training courses in basic gas chromatography for clients.

In 1997, Lynn started her own company, Renaissance Analytical, to provide custom configuration services for gas chromatographs, on-site service and troubleshooting, on-site training, and laboratory consulting services. Lynn also became involved with the ASTM and chaired one committee, resulting in her writing drafted for three proposed ASTM methods.

In 2007, Renaissance Analytical merged with Custom Solutions Group, LLC. The merger dissolved after a year. In 2008, Lynn formed Peak Results and resumed from where Renaissance Analytical had been.

In 2009, Lynn joined Accentuate Writers forum (AW) based on her interest in writing in all genres and her friendship with the forum's founder, Michelle Devon. AW predated the meteoric rise of Facebook and was an excellent resource for freelance writers, novelists, poets, short-story writers, or anyone interested in writing. Lynn participated in several short-story competitions and helped edit and publish four books that resulted from them.

In 2011, Lynn began writing and editing for friends outside the technical realm. She wrote items for Michelle Devon and edited books for Jennifer Malone Wright, Melissa Snark, and Diane Youngblood. In 2017, because of family and personal medical issues, Lynn turned to freelance writing and editing regularly. Additionally, she recorded books for Melissa Snark, who sells them on Amazon.

In December of 2019, Lynn contracted with ContentReady, a division of Earnware, as a full-time Content Manager. Her job duties include editing, writing, and managing personnel assignments and content.

In July of 2020, Lynn was promoted to Division Management in ContentReady. Due to changes in business focus and a slow-down in overall business, ContentReady asked Lynn to step down from Division Management.

Lynn continues working for ContentReady as a contract employee performing content management, editing, and writing. Since 2020, Lynn has also sometimes contracted with Words the Write Way (WtWW) as a writer and editor.
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