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PLEASE NOTE: All new projects start at a rate of 20 cents per word. Her current turnaround time is sitting at around 7 to 14 days. Contact Marie with order requests to get the exact rate and TAT for your project. Thank you!

Marie A. is a talented copywriter and content strategist who can help you achieve great success with all your digital marketing campaigns. She can write up all the web content you need to promote your company and build a loyal following. She also provides content strategy services to help you establish and follow an effective inbound marketing plan.

She writes shareable copy with a clear call to action that inspires your readers to move forward in their purchase journey. Her content will always reflects your company voice and mission while adhering to your preferred style guide. Through the creation of optimized webpages, blog posts, whitepapers, and other works, she can help you speak directly to your target audience and build brand loyalty.

If you would like to acquire her help in creating your digital marketing content, feel free to reach out today. Please note her copywriting rates start at 20 cents a word and are project dependent.
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Marie writes in-depth articles, web pages, whitepapers, and more to help her clients achieve their marketing goals. Her content helps customers move through the buyer's journey with confidence and make the best purchase decisions possible. She always aims to educate and delight her readers to help her clients build an excellent reputation and following.

She is an accomplished B2C and B2B automotive writer who has written for small businesses and large corporations around the world. She also specializes in creating content strategy plans and digital works for those in the hobby industry. Prior to specializing, she had worked as a generalist for years, adding onto her areas of expertise.

In creating her clients’ digital content, she regularly writes about:


• Auto repair
• Engine rebuilds
• Tuning and performance
• Auto parts replacement
• Tires and rims
• Auto body repairs
• Motorsports
• Classic cars
• Vehicle auctions
• New and used car sales
• Scrapyards


• RC cars
• Painting and airbrushing
• Crafts
• Art and design
• Video games
• Tabletop games
• Books and reading
• Outdoors
• Survival and bushcrafting skills
• Travel

Pet Care

• Vet services
• Grooming
• Pet boarding
• Dog training
• Dog sports
• Purebred dog breeding
• Rescues
• Animal shelters
• Pet safety
• Dog, cat and small animal health
• Service dogs
• Dog and cat toys
• Rat care
• Pet food and nutrition


• Home improvement
• New construction
• Landscaping
• Roofing
• Plumbing
• Concrete

Real Estate

• Brokerage services
• Rental property management
• Property sales and acquisitions


• Diagnostic Tests
• Health conditions
• Medical treatments
• Surgery
• Physical therapy
• Cosmetic surgery
• Mental health
• Dental care
• Nutrition
• Keto and low carb diets
• Fitness


• Medical marijuana
• Legalized recreational cannabis
• Flowers, edibles and concentrates
• Marijuana laws and legalization
• Cannabis products

She always receives rave reviews from clients who appreciate her ability to craft outstanding articles for the specified industry and audience.

Recent comments received from happy clients:

"Great work! Thank you!"

"Excellent job on this article!"

"Thank you so much, Marie! I really enjoyed reading this and appreciate all the research you put in! I look forward to working with you again in the future!"

"Great copy, thanks!"

"You rock, Marie!"

"You are a truly great writer! Thank you for giving me blogs I enjoyed reading. Your creativity and tone are the best I've read from this site and my client loved them all too!"

Please consider adding Marie to your Love Lists to receive quality articles for your websites and other publications. You may also contact her directly to discuss your project and arrange to send over solo orders.


Marie has more than two decades experience raising and training dogs. She regularly works with her super smart border collies and red heeler using balanced training principles. Her cat, Rocket, also enjoys participating in the training sessions, though he largely remains aloof and surly.

Marie recently entered the exciting world of electric RC cars. She has a Tamiya XV-01 Lancia, HPI Sprint 2 Drift 350Z, Traxxas Bandit and many more. She spends as much free time as possible at the local RC tracks practicing her driving skills.

She breaks up the rest of her free time between playing video games, collecting and polishing rocks, gardening, crafting, and fixing up her cars. She loves her classic 1988 Acura Integra LS and never plans to part with it. Other cars in the stable include a 1990 Volkswagen Jetta coupe, 1990 Volkswagen Jetta GLI and 1976 Chevy Nova.


Green River Community College

Marie improved her English and art skills while attending school at GRCC. She earned her AA degree with a 3.64 transfer GPA. She graduated in 2008 and transferred to WSU less than six months later.

Washington State University

Marie focused on improving her writing skills through the study of anthropology, philosophy and English at Washington State University. She improved her research, composition and proofreading skills by composing large papers covering anthropology and philosophy topics. As she earned credits toward her degree, she developed a passion for linguistic patterns and cultural studies. She consistently earned 4.0 grades due to her hard work and determination. Marie graduated from WSU with a stellar 3.78 GPA in 2012. She plans to return to school to earn her master’s degree in library sciences in the near future.

Real Estate

2,887 Projects Completed

Marie routinely composes high quality real estate content for agents, brokers and property managers. The webpage copy and articles she produces provides important industry specific information to new clients and current customers. Her articles help real estate professionals successfully expand their business by retaining current customers and attracting new clients.


2,827 Projects Completed

Marie has extensive experience in creating original content for the healthcare industry. She produces well-researched, yet easy to understand, articles covering medical conditions, diagnostic procedures and treatments. She regularly produces targeted content for specialty physicians, including, but not limited to, orthopedists, obstetricians, cardiologists, neurologists and otologists. Her work always reflects the practitioners’ skills and expertise in their chosen specialization.


1,276 Projects Completed

Marie loves producing engaging educational content for the pet care industry. She regularly writes web pages, blog posts and newsletter articles for vet clinics, animal trainers, behaviorists, pet product manufacturers, pet care retailers and more.


1,149 Projects Completed

Marie creates helpful travel content that helps people explore new locales to the fullest. She explores all the local attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and parklands to give her readers a good idea about what to expect on their travels. Her travel guides help readers know what to bring on their trip, how to travel around the area, where to go to have a great time, and so much more.


971 Projects Completed

Marie produces high quality articles for clients in the construction industry. She uses her real world knowledge and research skills to write detailed technical pieces about construction materials, tools and techniques. She regularly writes for clients who specialize in new construction, masonry, roofing, plumbing, flooring, framing, painting, paving, landscaping and deck building.


772 Projects Completed

Marie creates compelling content for restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries, and many other food and beverage companies across the US. Her descriptive articles highlight all the top items on the menu along with the quality of service, atmosphere, and more. She enjoys sharing the character of each eatery, so customers can know what to expect at each visit.


683 Projects Completed

Marie uses her knowledge of inbound marketing to produce effective web pages, blogs and whitepapers for legal professionals. Her content helps custody lawyers, bankruptcy attorneys and all law experts in between achieve their marketing goals.

Search Marketing

506 Projects Completed

Over the past 10 years, she's watched search marketing evolve as the internet grew and changed. Since it changes so quickly, she reads up on all the latest advancements and infuses them into her work. Her efforts help websites thrive, so business owners can gain new customers and engage with their existing clients.


303 Projects Completed

Marie extensively studied anthropology and philosophy while completing coursework at WSU. She can quickly create research papers that explore other cultures and beliefs previously unknown to her. She loves to study and understand other cultures and beliefs in her spare time.


264 Projects Completed

As a native of Washington State, she's had the opportunity to watch the CBD and cannabis industry grow and thrive through the past few years. Using that experience, she crafts web pages, blog posts, and articles that help similar businesses secure their place in this rapidly-accelerating industry. Her work helps readers find CBD and cannabis companies, and then connect with them in amazing ways.


264 Projects Completed

Video games create joy, facilitate learning and bring new worlds to life. Marie regularly plays video games of all genres with friends, family and strangers alike. She has a large knowledge base about video games that were created from the seventies until now. She recently wrote a well received research paper about using gaming in the classroom and beyond.


263 Projects Completed

Marie regularly creates engaging content for universities, community colleges, day cares and early childhood education centers. She uses her content to directly engage with educators, parents and students alike. Her web pages, articles and other publications directly engage with each target audience and offer solutions to their challenges.

CBD Products

252 Projects Completed

CBD products give people a new way to care for their bodies and minds. She enjoys spreading the word on the power of these products to help businesses connect with new clients. Her work also supports existing clients in finding new ways to use CBD to better their health and wellbeing.


250 Projects Completed

Marie loves to help others learn how to effectively market their businesses. She shares her inbound and outbound marketing knowledge to assist business owners in building lasting enterprises. Her content helps people apply the most effective techniques to their marketing programs with great success - or feel motivated to have a professional handle it all.


241 Projects Completed

Marie adores gardening and it shows in all the content she produces. She creates web pages and blogs that explore gardening subjects of all kinds for nurseries, landscaping professionals, home improvement stores and more. Her content speaks directly to her readers to help them make their gardens grow.


231 Projects Completed

Marie A focused on film, television and pop culture while completing her elective courses in college. Since then, she has written many entertainment articles for popular websites and blogs.


166 Projects Completed

Marie excels in writing about software designed to help businesses complete their most important tasks. She loves to explore all the new software titles, breaking down their features and benefits in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Contact her today to see how she can help your apps, games, and other programs stand out from the competition.


130 Projects Completed

Marie enjoys writing about career paths and advancement opportunities. She produces content that helps readers successfully build their careers while avoiding common missteps along the way. Her content helps drive traffic to websites for educational institutions, career training centers and more.


124 Projects Completed

From makeup manufacturers to cosmetic surgeons, Marie writes for many different professionals in the beauty industry. She creates web pages, blogs and other content that helps readers achieve their beauty goals. She always aims to help her readers make the right choices for their skin type, lifestyle and preferences.


95 Projects Completed

Marie aims to help parents navigate the trials of raising kids to be healthy, well-adjusted adults. She seeks out scientific facts to support the ideas and techniques she shares with parents. As parents read her blog articles, they receive comfort, guidance and support that assists them in managing the challenges ahead. She also celebrates the joys of parenting with her readers to honor children and their contributions to our lives.


6,101 Projects Completed

Marie can complete an article on any topic with a little bit of research. She regularly writes concise articles that meet her clients' keyword requirements and word count. Her content always directly speaks to the target audience and helps boost their engagement with your brand. Articles written by Marie are guaranteed to be unique and well-written.

Blog Post

6,031 Projects Completed

Marie consistently creates engaging blog posts designed to encourage sharing across social media platforms. She swiftly and thoroughly creates the topics, performs the research, writes the posts and proofreads before submitting. Her blog posts always provide interesting, relevant information that helps attract new clients and retain past customers. She uses a conversational tone to promote engagement with the material without skimping on facts and figures.

Web Page

3,632 Projects Completed

Marie creates high quality webpages designed to improve search rankings, attract visitors, and advertise products and services. Her content helps inform site visitors about the services and products offered by the company in question. She regularly produces webpages for organizations in nearly every industry, including the medical, dental, pet care, construction and automotive industries.

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