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Robert has been writing articles, blog posts and how-to articles on several subjects for many years. Robert maintains an ongoing blog which is dedicated to covering pop culture (primarily, but not exclusively, cinema and television), politics, environmental issues and technical know-how. This has grown out of a lifelong love of all things media related, and general fandom and personal investment have developed into skilled writing and incisive text, all with a distinct, entertaining and accessible style. Robert is an English graduate (BA Hons) and so has the academic background to supplement his experience of writing. He is also responsible for producing training materials and how-to guides in his professional life and so is capable of writing in the formal style of presentational documents as well as a more relaxed style for article writing.
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Robert has a range of writing specialities. These include an in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industry, with a specific focus on television and cinema. Robert has also worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years and is a knowledgeable, informed and objective observer of trends in technology, both professionally and personally. Robert is deeply committed to environmental issues alongside this and it is a subject on which he is informed, passionate and committed. However, Robert is also a gifted researcher and can turn his hand to most subjects and produce engaging, professional text.


Alongside writing articles, blog posts and technical documents, Robert maintains a keen interest in creative writing as well. Everything from short stories to full-length novels has been tackled by him, and he writes in a variety of styles and genres. Creative writing has been a constant presence throughout Robert's life and has helped develop his own style and manner which feeds into all of his writing, not just his creative work.

Robert has a range of interests outside of writing, which includes the regular participation, editing and production of two podcasts, one of which is about music and one of which is about television. Robert is also a guitarist and keyboard player and loves a variety of different musical styles and genres.


University Of Winchester (King Alfred's College)

BA (Hons) degree course in English literature and History. Covering a period from approximately the 14th century to the mid-20th century, the course covered predominantly English and European history and literature, with a specific focus on the Renaissance, the 18th century and the early 20th century up until 1939.


100 Projects Completed

Robert has spent the last 20 years working in the IT industry. Beginning at Helpdesk level, and working his way up through Desktop Support, System Administration to eventually become a manager, Robert has experience at every level of the IT industry. This means that he is knowledgable about not just technical skills but also the soft skills necessary to work in the industry and what a difference they can make. His high level of experience, knowledge and time investment has helped him rise through the industry to become the leader and manager he is today.


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Having worked at a major streaming service for more than a year professionally, Robert has not only a passion and love for the entertainment industry but has seen how it operates from the inside as well. From how shows get commissioned to why they get cancelled, from complex behind-the-scenes negotiations to big, splashy show launches, Robert has seen it all and is able to bring an insider's view to his perspective.

Green Living

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In his professional life, Robert is currently working for an environmental agency. As such, he is working directly to contribute to the success of green living and sustainability., and is committed to environmental causes, not just as part of a lifestyle, but something he is actively committed to being a part of.

Blog Post

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Robert has been writing blog posts for the better part of ten years. He is extremely experienced in providing content which fits the house style, parameters and requirements of any site, while still retaining his own voice. This has developed from a personal interest into a passion, and Robert writes for and maintains his own WordPress blog.


40 Projects Completed

Robert has written a number of in-depth articles, both freelance and as part of his professional life working in the IT industry. These include detailed research to ensure articles are correct, accurate and deliver the information required. This is done while maintaining a friendly and engaging writing style. Robert has also written a number of articles on subjects that are outside his professional life, including on politics and the environment, which he is also able to take in his stride.


20 Projects Completed

As part of his professional IT life, Robert is responsible for maintaining FAQ's and how-to guides for his current organisation. This includes both following specific templates (for example, to deliver specific technical information) and working from scratch, such as when dealing with bespoke software or hardware.

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