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As the author of a gardening book as well as hundreds of Web articles, Lizz has extensive experience in virtually every type of professional writing. From press releases and company bios to SEO content articles, Lizz has done it all. With her BA in journalism, she has extensive training in concise writing


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  • Marketing100+
  • Home Living100+
  • Search Marketing100+
  • Business100+
  • Education100+
  • Beauty100+
  • Garden100+
  • Pets50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Lizz has done marketing work for companies as diverse as doctors' offices, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and engineering firms. Online, she often works with retailers that need a higher-profile image for their websites, blogs and commerce sites. Every business needs marketing to stay competitive, and she has extensive experience writing about virtually every aspect of marketing. From SEO to offline marketing to creating advertising to assessing your Google Analytics data, she has written about it all and continues to keep up with the ever-changing world of marketing. She also writes for a social media marketing company and can both write about social media marketing and create the marketing you need to stand out on social media sites.

Home Living

Lizz has written about home living topics for newspapers, websites and blogs. By combining a wealth of experience in these topics with top-notch research and a friendly tone, she creates articles about home topics that invite the reader in and keep them interested and informed.

Search Marketing

Search marketing is one of the most stable types of marketing. If a website is created with an eye toward high-quality content and a low-key use of keywords, it has a good chance for long-term success. Lizz has worked with clients on their search marketing projects for the past eight years. Clients include content sites, private online clients and local companies. The world of search marketing is ever changing, and it's important to choose a writer who keeps up with the latest changes. Lizz works with so many clients to write about search marketing that she is constantly on top of the latest trends and rules for site owners.


From small businesses to large, Lizz had written for a wide variety of businesses about an enormous number of topics. As someone with experience owning and running small businesses, as well as her extensive writing experience, she is in a unique position to write about the topics that make a difference to businesses. Whether it's writing about what your business does or writing about how to handle a business' advertising, marketing, customer service or hiring, Lizz has experience writing about it effectively.


As a reporter, Lizz worked on the education beat, reporting on schools and the educational system and writing articles that would entertain and inform. She brings this experience to current educational articles and combines it with research into the latest teaching methods and trends.


Lizz has written articles about cosmetics, fashion, dermatological treatments and plastic surgery for many beauty websites and blogs. When it comes to beauty, customers want to know how the latest product, treatment or surgery can do for them to change their looks and their lives. Her articles tell customers exactly how they can benefit from what you have to offer them.


Lizz is the author of a container gardening book, published by Atlantic Publishing in 2011. She has also written for Garden Guides and other gardening and home sites as well as creating the sales copy for a seed supply commerce store. She has written hundreds of articles about plants and gardening and can create just the gardening article or copy that you need to interest your readers.


Lizz has written pet care articles for newspapers as well as for a wide variety of websites. Her work can be found on The Daily Puppy, Examiner and other sites. She has experience volunteering for the Humane Society as well as keeping a wide variety of pets. Keeping exotic pets has been a hobby of hers for more than 25 years, and she can write effectively about caring for animals from reptiles to rodents as well as more traditional pets like dogs. Using both her experience in pet care and volunteer work and her research into the latest methods in pet care, she creates effective articles that give readers a depth of understanding of the topic.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release50+
  • Book10+
  • eBook10+

Summary of Product Experience


Lizz has written articles about everything form bat guano to treating acne. She can write about virtually any topic you have, including technical topics and research-intensive ones.

Blog Post

Lizz has blogged as both a ghostblogger and to create posts for her own blogs. She has written hundreds of blog pots about everything from baby products to first-person posts about copywriting. She does guest posting as well as writing for clients who want their blog's tone recreated for a seamless addition to its post. Whether you want a casual tone, a formal one or in between, Lizz can create that tone and fill the post with the content you need to attract readers.

Press Release

Liz has more than 10 years of expense in writing press releases. As a journalist, one of her duties was to go through the many press releases sent to the publisher to choose which ones would be included in the newspaper. That taught her what was effective in a press release and what would get a release ignored. She uses that experience to craft the kind of releases that reporters and bloggers want to read and use.


Lizz has written a print book for Atlantic Publishing, "The Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs from Containers: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply." She can tackle books of any length and complexity. By using succinct sentences that are packed with information, she creates ebooks that pack a punch and keep the reader's attention.


Lizz has written more than a dozen ebooks for clients and several more that she has self-published. In addition to selling ebooks to others, she has helped authors to fine-tune their own ebooks for sale. She has written ebooks about small business topics, hobbies, online marketing, careers, medical topics and more.

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