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Cherri is a professional copywriter and ghostwriter for organizations representing a variety of industries and interests. She is a skilled researcher and respected writer. Cherri received her B.A. degree in Creative Writing and Journalism at Southern New Hampshire University.

Cherri has been a lover of the written word since childhood when she wrote short plays and stories about the people and things in her life. Today, she continues to write short fiction under a pseudonym in addition to her non-fiction work. She has sold thousands of articles, blog posts, and e-books. Cherri's largest strengths are in-depth research on trending and historical topics, how-to articles, and any piece that requires taking complex ideas and presenting them in an engaging and easy-to-read format.

Recent Client Praise on WA and Elsewhere:

"Cherri did an incredible job. She maintained our core concept while really fleshing out the details and providing an enjoyable read we know our customers will appreciate."

"One of the best and our favorite writers to work with here."

"She is a fantastic communicator and is great when we need fast turnaround on our projects."

"Our agency looks forward to working with Cherri on our next e-book."

"Yet another stellar article from Cherri."
Green Living
Search Marketing


Cherri excels at exciting articles, informational blog posts, and engaging white pages.


Cherri enjoys riding bicycles, sailing, gardening, kayaking, traveling, and reading books of all nature, but especially science fiction.


Southern New Hampshire University

Studied creative and formal writing.


719 Projects Completed

By bike, boat, plane, train, and automobile, Cherri has done it all. In her early 20s, she participated in a bike sport that took her around the world and allowed her to see cities as only locals do. In her late 20s, she acted as a second mate and then owned a 34ft schooner she navigated around the Caribbean. In recent years and from behind her laptop, she has researched and written extensively for travel agencies, tourism-based businesses, and local-focused groups from around the world. So with real, on-the-ground experience and the smarts and savvy to research what she doesn't know, Cherri is your ideal travel writer for all things that scream adventure.

Search Marketing

505 Projects Completed

Search marketing is one of Cherri's key niche industries. She has written extensively for major inbound and outbound marketing agencies. Her published work in this arena includes everything from niche industry advice to general search marketing tips.

Green Living

501 Projects Completed

Cherri works with local groups on a variety of environmental issues and thus is constantly kept abreast of trending green topics. This includes new sustainable products, business ideas, science reports, and environmental-related legislature, and much more. In recent months, she has had work published about how key industries are benefiting from renewable resources, what homeowners can do to be more sustainable, and tips on how businesses can be more sustainable to attract green living enthusiasts. In short, Cherri has the passion, experience, and skills to provide you with knowledgable and entertaining green living content.


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