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Sara L. is known for her passionate, unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Her dedication to researching topics has led to several published articles from creative free thought, to software applications, to sexual wellness. She's not afraid to tackle the gritty topics and look at things with a new and different perspective.

Having a natural artistic ability in abstract and graphic art, adds to a very well rounded and multi talented personality. Extracurricular activities include abstract art, web design, and a very personable pet dog.

She has lived in such cities as New York, Boston, and Las Vegas. Learning and extracting valuable life lessons in each location, as well as a myriad of work experience, including a 5 star casino resort hotel. She has seen both sides of city life from the wealthy to street life and can offer some insight into any topics broached.

She believes that if you can wake up every morning and open your eyes, there is something new to be learned that day. If your looking for a fresh, and unique take on life and what it holds, then Sara L. is the person that can help you out. Well educated, and insanely talented, need I say more?
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Sara is awesome at creative writing and has over a hundred pieces of 'free thought', prose, and various visual stimulants. She is an abstract artist and sees things with a certain, 'Picasso' eye.


Sara has taught herself computer graphics, jewelery making, web design, anything that is visually stimulating. She enjoys a challenge and learning about a variety of topics. Her writing style covers more than just what is sampled, she is a bit of a chameleon. A perfectionist to a fault, a bit of a sense of humor, music lover, and best friend to her dog.


Mohawk Valley Comm College

Basic Computer science skills, slightly out of date in this day in age.


Continuation of Computer Science degree, again from 1994. I have since taught myself computer graphics, and different modern computer applications.


10 Projects Completed

Sara L. has experience educating adults in various topics related to sexual wellness and other physical attributes. She is not afraid to openly research and write about, in a factual manner anything regarding human sexuality or relationships. She also has several years experience with online dating services and has written some informational pieces regarding that particular scene.


26 Projects Completed

The following samples represent the versatility of Sara's ability to write from one topic to another. She is able to research any given keyword and turn it into an interesting and functional article. She is always striving to better herself and do the best work she possibly can.

Press Release

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Sara did her first press release, and it was asked that it be something a little different. The client was looking for something very confident and edgy, not your typical press release copy. This was her first experience with a press release.

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