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Robin is a British writer based in the USA. She has over seven years experience as a professional writer, having worked in multiple TV writer's offices, both in person and online. She has extensive experience in note-taking, proofreading, formatting and rewriting, and is comfortable working under deadlines to produce high-quality, succinct work.
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British history
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Robin has worked in the entertainment industry for ten years and has a wealth of knowledge, and connections that enable her to produce high-quality written content quickly and efficiently. She has particularly in-depth knowledge of scripted content, including story development, compiling outlines and series documents, proofreading, editing and capturing voice and tone.


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As a mother, Robin has a particular interest in writing about parenting and childcare. Her background in television has provided her with an in-depth understanding of representations of women in the media, and she recently published an article on accusations of witchcraft made against innocent women.


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Robin has extensive experience in writing, proofing and formatting scripts for film and television. In her personal projects, she is adept at one hour drama and dramedy, with a particular interest in capturing the voices of young women.


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Robin has written and edited series presentations for multiple TV series, including YOUR HONOR for Showtime and THEM for Amazon. These presentations are used internally to allow studio and network executives to track the progress of the series stories. It is therefore vital that they are precise, engaging, and submitted in a timely manner.

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As an administrator for the Facebook group MIND NOURISHMENT - A MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCE GROUP, Robin has compiled group purpose statements and resource documents to be shared with members. This work required her to strike a balance been clarity and empathy, as well as navigating trigger warnings and sensitive topics.


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Robin was delighted to publish her first online article in 2021, particularly because it allowed her to focus on one of her niche speciality subjects - the history of witchcraft. She is currently pitching articles to various other outlets.

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