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Joseph is an online writer and editor with 15 years of experience composing articles, blog posts, and white papers on a variety of business topics. He has a passion for online writing, editing, and proofreading.

He has hundreds of high-quality articles written about real estate, mortgages, blockchain, healthcare, and legal topics. Joseph offers the best quality business content at an affordable price.

Joseph also conducts in-depth research for his articles, blog posts, and landing pages. He analyzes competitors and their pages, then creates new pages for his clients that are better and more informative.
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Joseph has extensive experience writing for small businesses in these specialties:

- Mortgage And Finance
- Real Estate
- Blockchain
- Software
- Education - Bachelor's, Master's, And Ph.D. Programs
- Personal Injury Law
- Healthcare And Medical

He has personally composed a popular real estate investing blog with more than 100 posts. That work led to several investors purchasing properties totaling more than $500,000.


When he is not working at the computer, Joseph enjoys getting outdoors, exercising, and breathing fresh air. He is invigorated by tough workouts and sunshine.

Joseph is an avid runner and also lifts weights several times per week. He also enjoys reading both fiction and nonfiction, astronomy, walking his dog, and socializing with friends and family.


Ohio University


100 Projects Completed

Joseph has written hundreds of web pages and landing pages for education websites.

Specifically, he has written landing pages for online universities that offer masters and Ph.D. programs. The purpose of these sites is to offer prospective students information about degrees and careers. The pages contain links to major online universities, both for-profit and non-profit.

Education samples are included in Joseph,'s portfolio. Many more are available.

Real Estate

30 Projects Completed

Joseph has written hundreds of blog parts, articles, and web pages on real estate investing, including distressed properties and Airbnb properties.

He also owns a real estate investing website where he has written more than 100 blog posts that led to investors purchasing more than $500,000 in distressed properties.

Joseph also regularly composes 10-20 mortgage-related articles for a current mortgage broker client. Topics include conventional, FHA, and VA loans; fixed and variable interest rate loans; home equity loans and HELOCs, and analysis of mortgage rates.


30 Projects Completed

Joseph has composed hundreds of web pages, articles, and blog posts about criminal and personal injury law for at least a dozen personal injury attorneys across the United States.

Typical subjects include white-collar crime, car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, boating accidents, wrongful death, and DWI.


25 Projects Completed

Joseph has composed many blogs, articles, and landing pages in the health and healthcare industries.

For example, he recently wrote a 1000-word article called How To Improve Your Child's Cardiovascular Fitness. The client was a provider of rowing camps in Great Britain.

Some of the recommended ways to boost cardio fitness in kids were enrolling in rowing camp; starting weight training; encouraging a heart-healthy diet, and providing the child with various activities.

The article also provided several tips for parents to encourage young people to get more exercise: taking them out for walks after dinner, being a positive role model, and taking them to the park.


20 Projects Completed

Joseph has written approximately 20 landing pages and blog posts about software, SEO, and PPC in the last two years.

For example, he has composed a series of blog posts for Typical topics include cybersecurity, disaster plans, cloud computing, data security, data breaches, software quality, supply chain management, and more.


10 Projects Completed

Joseph has composed articles about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the past three years.

For example, he wrote a 1,000-word landing page about blockchain careers and education requirements. Specifically, he wrote that blockchain professionals need to know some or all of the following computer languages:

- C++
- JavaScript
- Python
- Ruby
- Serpent
- Rust

He also wrote about the most in-demand blockchain careers, such as software engineer, technology architect, and product manager.


10 Projects Completed

Joseph wrote approximately 400 plastic surgery blog posts for six prominent plastic surgeons across the United States. He wrote 1,000 to 2,000 word web pages and blog posts about major procedures, such as facelifts, eyelid lifts, liposuction, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations.

Blog Post

103 Projects Completed

Joseph has written hundreds of blog posts between 500 and 2,000 words in his specialty areas for 15 years.

Joseph has composed highly informative blog posts about mortgages, finance, real estate, healthcare, plastic surgery, and legal topics (criminal defense and personal injury, mostly).

He also wrote a highly informative blog about real estate investing in San Antonio on his website. This work brought in several real estate investors who bought more than $500,000 of properties.


100 Projects Completed

Joseph has composed hundreds of long and short articles about mortgages, real estate, plastic surgery, mesothelioma, personal injury and more.

A few of the articles he has written are included in his samples. However, he has hundreds more available for your review.

Landing Page

51 Projects Completed

Joseph has written many effective landing pages over the last 15 years.

Some of the landing pages he has composed have been for websites promoting legal services, plastic surgery services, dentistry, and more.

He also wrote approximately 15 web pages or landing pages for a major plastic surgeon in New Jersey and New York City. Two of those 2,000-word samples are included in his profile.

Web Page

50 Projects Completed

Joseph has written many web pages on these subjects:

- Software
- Cryptocurrency and blockchain
- Cloud technology
- Master's and Ph.D. programs
- Personal injury and white-collar crime
- Mortgages and real estate
- Medical and healthcare

A few web pages are listed in Joseph's profile, but many more are available for your consideration.

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