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Anna is an experienced writer. Through her years working as a journalist she has worked for the biggest publishing house in South Africa. She started off her career freelancing at an international fashion magazine, she then later went on to work at a PR agency. It was here she liaised with media outlets. This experience led her to a position at a national newspaper, it was at this newspaper that she added to her resume by also getting involved in photojournalism an experience that made her writing richer. She is also interested in entertainment, travel, lifestyle, décor, and art.
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Anna has a versatile writing style and therefore has wide-ranging writing specialties. She has written for newspapers and magazines which has meant she has a portfolio that includes advertorials, opinion pieces, and press releases for lifestyle magazines, among others. In addition to this, she has extensive experience freelancing as a content writer for SMEs. Though Anna has many interests and experience in wring about a broad range of topics, she has a particular interest in travel, entertainment, lifestyle, food, and art.


Anna has a passionate interest in journalism, politics, world affairs, lifestyle, fashion, décor, architecture, education, travel, health and wellness, food, tech, business, and social causes. As such Anna is knowledgeable about and has written about all of the above. She is also open to new experiences and to learning new things, thus she has extensive research skills and loves writing about new topics and current affairs. This is in addition to her particular interests in travel, food, entertainment, lifestyle, and décor.


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Anna completed her Bachelor of Arts in journalism.


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From Anna's point of view, when it comes to writing a piece on lifestyle, a couple of ingredients should be considered in order to come up with the winning recipe. There are always like-minded people out there on the web who will read it. But, before launching into an article about something that you happen to find interesting, take some time to find out what your readers are most interested in. Find out where your target market happens to gather and simply tune in for some great topic ideas. This is some of what Anna considers when she is writing a lifestyle piece.


500 Projects Completed

Anna's career over time has meant, that she has extensive experience in writing articles both professionally and non-professionally. From her time in college to the present she has contributed to magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs. Anna's experience in this began when she wrote for a major international magazine and later a major newspaper publication.

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Anna knows that from studies on customer psychology one of the most important brain triggers is the “first and last” effect. This means that a product launch press release (which would be the first message in the campaign) should be a crucial element in your strategy. Anna thinks when there is a major change happening at a company, a press release is a good place to start informing the public. The two most notable branding updates could be a rebranding campaign or the introduction of a new partnership agreement.

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Anna has an interest in social welfare projects, and as such has volunteered her time to write newsletters for various groups and organizations.

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