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NyRee A. has been writing since childhood. In 2016, she decided to publish her first novel. After realizing some success, she followed with several more books.

Since that time, NyRee has produced sales copy to generate book sales, worked on email marketing campaigns, written and edited bios and communications for many organizations, and created a successful blog.
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NyRee specializes in writing about matters that impact employees in the workplace, self-care, and women's issues. With over two decades of experience in Human Resources, NyRee is able to provide written guidance and clarity to employers and employees on various platforms.

With a motivation to educate and inform, NyRee's written projects are based on well-researched facts and data, while keeping the reader interested in the information.


NyRee's primary interest is writing and gaining new knowledge via the written word. She is a student of life and is always looking for ways to enhance her knowledge.

NyRee is a mother and a wife who enjoys traveling and family time. She also prioritizes networking with other women in business, sharing resources, and creating valuable opportunities.


Western Governors University

NyRee has obtained a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Human Resources

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NyRee is a subject-matter expert in all things Human Resources. With over twenty years of experience and certifications from accredited organizations, she uses her knowledge to provide information in a digestible format. With a passion for people, NyRee has always used her vast employee relations and compliance know-how to educate and inspire.


25 Projects Completed

NyRee has a passion for writing about women's issues. Whether it be navigating the workplace or practicing self-care, she does the work to provide valuable and actionable information that helps women through unique obstacles in life. For the past seven years, NyRee has detailed these problems and solutions in the workplace via effective communication and on her blog.


7 Projects Completed

NyRee has published five novels and two self-help books. She has written and edited many books for independent authors while providing guidance through the publishing process. NyRee has created sales copy that converted into book sales and reviews and used social media to create content that built her audience to over 20,000 followers.

NyRee has created e-books for each of her published works, supplying an alternate media for interested readers.

Blog Post

67 Projects Completed

Since 2016, NyRee A. has blogged on her personal site. She relaunched in 2020 and increased traffic exponentially month over month. NyRee has also managed internal HUB and Sharepoint pages for several different organizations, writing newsletters and creating blog posts to inform specific populations about issues and circumstances that were relevant to them. NyRee regularly produces and edits blog posts as a ghostwriter.

Email Copy

20 Projects Completed

NyRee has worked on various email campaigns, including revamping automated customer correspondence at a Financial Services company and email marketing at an E-Signature company. As a Communications Chair, she has drafted and edited multiple companywide business communications, ensuring consistency with brand and style guides and ensuring clear and concise messaging.

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