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Julia is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She has a Letter of Specialization in Creative Writing and experience writing both fiction and nonfiction pieces. In the past, Julia has written for a start-up blog, generating hobby-based content centered around tattoos, cooking, and crafts.
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With a background in blog posting and creative writing, Julia specializes in telling stories to produce engaging content on a multitude of subjects. In her prior work, Julia would often draw upon her past experiences and knowledge to create posts that grabbed readers' attention while also teaching them about blog-relevant topics.


Outside of her freelance work, Julia spends her time writing short stories, drawing, and reading. As an avid reader of everything from novels to comics, she does her best to keep up with new releases. Additionally, Julia loves to cook and constantly tests out new recipes she comes across online.


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Julia attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst from 2018 to 2021. During her time at the university, Julia studied English, Creative Writing, and Film Studies. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Letter of Specialization in Creative Writing, and a Certificate in Film Studies.


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While writing for a start-up blog, Julia created posts about hobbies such as tattooing, cooking, and crafting. To write these blog posts, she drew upon past experiences and meticulous research to ensure her writing accurately portrayed each hobby. Julia strove to teach readers about these hobbies while also telling stories of their impact on her life.


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As a past blog post writer generating content on cooking, Julia has ample experience writing about food. Her work includes in-depth written recipes and personal stories that led to the development of these recipes. In addition to writing about food, Julia also has experience working in the food industry as a hostess, which often inspires her work.


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While working as a blog post writer, Julia generated content based on viral Tik Tok crafts from the early days of the pandemic. Drawing upon her background in art, Julia recounted the steps she took to complete these crafts and encouraged readers to try making them by providing step-by-step guides in addition to her commentary.

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Julia spent three months writing for a small start-up site where she wrote content on tattoos, cooking, and crafts. While writing these posts, Julia would often draw upon personal experiences, such as stories behind family recipes and crafts she had completed. When necessary, she would also research topics, such as standard tattooing practices, to ensure her writing was accurate

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