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Dr. Kristie L is a family physician. She has been a health and nutrition ghostwriter for the past 20 years. With a strong background and interest in nutrition and preventive medicine, she focuses on how lifestyle habits affect health and longevity.

Her goal is to motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and take control of their own health. She has ghostwritten for numerous websites and has published her own ebooks. Her goal is to express complicated medical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner while making her content relatable to all ages and education levels.


Kristie Leong M.S. M.D. specializes in writing health and medical content with an emphasis on nutrition and fitness and how it relates to health and well-being. She excels at explaining complex medical topics in a clear and engaging manner.


Kristie Leong M.S. M.D. enjoys writing about a wide range of topics but specializes in the health field. She also enjoys writing science-based articles that relate to health and healthcare.


Virginia Commonwealth University


1,000 Projects Completed

Kristie Leong M.S. M.D. is a family physician who spent almost 20 years in the medical field treating patients in private medical offices and walk-in clinics treating patients from all walks of life.

During this time, she had the opportunity to gain extensive clinical experience and medical knowledge while learning about disease prevention and wellness. She continues to advance her health knowledge by taking continuing medical education courses in all aspects of health and healthcare, including nutrition.


740 Projects Completed

Dr. Kristie Leong M.S. M.D. has ghost-written over 740 articles and blog posts for health and medical websites. She also publishes her own blog in the medical field and has written 9 ebooks on health-related issues. She specializes in preventive medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle.

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