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Michael has a BA (Hons) English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. He has over seven years' experience as a copywriter, having worked with AO.com and other marketing companies. He is a professional in writing content for websites, such as product descriptions, articles and blog posts. He specialised in social media for business and SEO copywriting, using SERPS keyword searches, and understanding the times of day in which to post to certain platforms. He is also an experienced fiction writer with excellent editorial skills. He was acknowledged in the novel Alice and the Fly by James Rice and in the non-fiction book It's Your Loss by Robyn Donaldson. He was shortlisted for the Sunderland Short Story Award in 2019, longlisted in 2020, and longlisted for the Cambridge Short Story Prize in 2021. In 2017, he won a place on the WriteNow event with Penguin Random House.
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Michael specialises in writing product descriptions and blog posts, and he is a skilled researcher, so he is able to write for almost any industry. As a creative writer, he specialises in fiction writing and editing. He is an excellent proofreader, with attention to detail and a professional understanding of how words fit on the page to form a good piece of writing.


Michael's interests are based around fiction and novels. He enjoys reading and finding new authors to read all the time. He also enjoys writing fiction, such as short stories or working on his novel. He is also currently learning to play the piano and can sometimes be found practising his French.


University of Central Lancashire

Liverpool John Moores University


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Michael has worked in a department store in the past, so he understands the inner workings of retail and he has also worked in office environments, writing content with the aim to sell products and services. This experience helps with writing for the sales industry, whether it's blog posts or product descriptions, as he understands how different companies within different sectors work and how tone of voice and the focus of the writing can bring about different results.


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Having worked in office settings, Michael is used to working in this industry as an SEO copywriter and as a content writer. He was also a project manager and team leader for a time, overseeing social media executives, maintaining strict timekeeping and showing excellent organisational skills. The projects in this office setting were often for business clients looking for content for their websites such as webpage content, social media content and posts, and blog posts.


2 Projects Completed

Michael works for a university, so he understands the ins and outs of the education sector. He has also worked for two other universities previously. He has an understanding of the current climate within the industry involving both students and employees. He also has an understanding of how the university is run from the library through to the marketing department. He wrote two blog posts for the university library during this time.

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30 Projects Completed

Michael has worked for large companies, writing online content product descriptions, as well as freelance. He is experienced with taking on a project consisting of a product, such as an oven, researching the specifics of the oven, what it does, what's new about it, what's different about it, how to work it, and writing it into a tone of voice suitable to the company and product. He is able to write informal content with the aim to sell, without being too forceful, and also formal content to match the industry for which he is writing. Research and search engine optimised content some of his skills with his product descriptions too.

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