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Caroline has been writing content for the web for 3 years bringing her 15 years of graphic design knowledge and 5 years of web development to bear on creating content that converts your visitors into buyers!
Starting out with creating the content for websites and ad copy Caroline quickly realized that she wished to write more and put her SEO skills to work by creating blog articles.
Caroline excels at research and at explaining difficult concepts simply.
For the last three years, Caroline has been creating blog articles and content for websites that is engaging for the reader and builds authority with Google.
Web Development
Blog Post
CBD Products
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Caroline specializes in writing about topics that require research and an understanding of science or technology.
Some of the topics she has written about successfully include:
Collagen Supplements
Plant Medicine
CBD for Pets
Another specialty is that Caroline has recent education in Marketing and can build websites and so is able to write effectively about any aspect of digital marketing from SEO to finding the best copyright-free photographs for articles.


Caroline loves art and technology and the intersection of these is of particular interest to her. With a background in art and design she has further education in coding and loves to explore the cutting edge of technology.
Wildcrafting and travel are two of her passions that she is looking forward to delving into more deeply.


300 Projects Completed

In relation to her graphic design work over the last 15 years, Caroline has created copy for hundreds of marketing projects.
Caroline is especially good at coming up with creative concepts to grab a viewer's interest and utilizing brand voice to make sure your message reaches and engages your target audience.
Some of the projects Caroline has successfully completed recently include the creation of the content for reels to educate users about barefoot shoes and the naming of a natural body scrub line that uses organic ingredients.


17 Projects Completed

Caroline has more than 3 years of experience in marketing, design and content writing for online stores across various industries from health care to natural healing products. Specializing in incorporating keywords seamlessly while creating engagement she will help drive conversions for your business. Her proven ability to craft engaging copy that is both informative and easy to understand will leave you satisfied every time!

Web Development

14 Projects Completed

Caroline is a WordPress website developer and is trained in SEO and marketing.
As a web developer herself, she acutely understands the subject and is able to write articles on the subject that are valuable and easy to understand.
Caroline loves especially to write about new technologies impacting
website design and developers.

CBD Products

2 Projects Completed

Leveraging her strengths in writing, marketing, and digital media to help brands stand out from the crowd, Caroline is especially knowledgable in the CBD industry. She's built an ECommerce CBD website for one of her clients which was successful at improving keyword rankings, largely due to its SEO-optimized product descriptions.
Caroline has used her knowledge about the science of CBD to write engaging and informative content in many different CBD categories such as CBD for Pets, CBD Skincare, Wellness, and Active Lifestyle Products.

Blog Post

169 Projects Completed

Caroline has experience in writing blog articles to help her clients get traffic to their new websites and has also created content strategies and blog articles silos to help clients improve their search engine rankings.
In pursuit of this Caroline has written on subjects as disparate as CBD for Pets, types of Yoga, how to hire a good electrical contractor and ways to improve mental health naturally.
With a love of the written word, and her artistic flair Caroline can bring any subject to life.

Landing Page

20 Projects Completed

With careful consideration of branding and after keyword research and competitor analysis, Caroline, with the input of the client, identifies the keyword they want to rank for.
Then dependent upon the type of website, she creates content utilizing the research which fulfills the goals and utilizes the voice of the brand.
For example, a service website would require copy that builds the authority of the client while encouraging the website visitor to take the action of booking an appointment.

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