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Andre has been freelance copywriting for 3+ years writing a variety of content in various industries including business, technology, cryptocurrency, finance, marketing, travel, product descriptions, and more.

He would write articles here and there at the beginning of his career for extra money on the side of his job. In the past year, he has found that he has a passion to help businesses rank higher in search and attract more customers through the SEO, content writing, and marketing skills he has developed and now works full time in the content marketing industry.
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Andre has a skill for connecting with potential customers that view his content which inspires and motivates them to purchase the products and services he is informing them about.

He does thorough research and fact-checking to become an authoritative source of information that potential customers can clearly and easily understand to become excited about the products and services being offered to them.


Andre enjoys writing about anything that is on the cutting edge of technology including cryptocurrency, NFTs, the metaverse. He also enjoys writing sales copy, landing pages, and informative blog posts about interesting topics outside of his comfort zone to become more versatile as a writer and have the ability to help more businesses grow and succeed.

In his free time, Andre enjoys producing electronic music, writing raps, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, and watching podcasts.


57 Projects Completed

Andre has always been on the cutting edge of technology since a small child. He studied Robotics at the University of Advancing Technology where built Microchip and Arduino microcontrollers to power interactive robots.

As a teenager, he modded video game systems to expand their functionality and run Linux-based operating systems. Today he enjoys writing about the metaverse and anything to do with robotics.


25 Projects Completed

Andre has written various articles about cryptocurrency, NFTs, precious metals, stocks, personal finance, and more. He has a passion for learning more about ways to improve his finances and helping others do the same.

He writes detailed information on ways that people make and manage money as well as pitfalls and risks to avoid to help people be financially healthy.


22 Projects Completed

Andre has been in the sales industry for over 10 years selling his own products and services as well working as a sales manager for high-profile clients.

He knows how to connect with people, find out what their needs are, and offer a tangible and rewarding solution that makes sense for them to pull out their wallets.

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324 Projects Completed

You need Facebook Posts but don't have the time to write them.

That's where Andre comes in. He's a content creator who will craft compelling posts that will engage your audience while also building awareness for your brand.

His posts will generate high-quality traffic to your page while also boosting engagement rates.


140 Projects Completed

Andre writes authoritative 1000+ word articles that are engaging and gets the reader excited about the services and products they are reading about. If you're constantly struggling to find content writers who deliver what they promise or who can write at this level of quality then Andre may be able to help.

Andre has delivered results for multiple companies by providing article writing services that offer well-researched content that captures the attention of readers while also driving sales.

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130 Projects Completed

Andre has written hundreds of engaging blog posts in various industries to communicate to potential customers the value of the products and services provided by his clients. Blog posts offer an excellent opportunity to establish credibility within your niche market by demonstrating that you are knowledgeable about the subject.

Whether it's discussing hot topics in your field or explaining how to use your product properly, Andre provides a wealth of information that people need.

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45 Projects Completed

Do you need banner ads created?

Are you looking for banner ads that will give you maximum exposure?

Do you need something that will engage your audience and increase conversion rates?

This is what Andrew does. He designs high-quality banner ads that will stand out from the crowd.

Landing Page

34 Projects Completed

Do you need landing pages that convert?

Do you ever feel that people might not be able to understand what you offer?

This is where Andre comes in handy. He helps companies communicate their message by creating well-designed landing pages that convert visitors into leads.

No matter what product or service you offer - he will create the perfect landing page for you.

Contact Andre now to see how he can help you turn your visitors into valuable leads!


30 Projects Completed

Do you need quality advertising?

He can provide advertisements that will attract attention to your business.

My ads will increase interest in your products or services.

Why should you hire Andre?

There are a lot of freelancers who will work for less money than me. But he promises that they won't work as hard as I.

When you hire Andre, you'll get someone who cares about your project as much as they care about getting paid.

He creates ads that attract attention from consumers. Whether you need print ads for magazines or digital ads for social media platforms.

With my professional experience in advertising design services, he guarantees quality advertisements that will increase customer interest.

Contact Andre now so we can discuss pricing options.

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