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Jake is a recent journalism graduate who worked for his school's writing center (as a tutor), college newspaper, and an on-campus ad agency where he copy-edited and wrote stories for real-world clients. He also has experience in photography and videography, and he has produced several short-length video stories.

Not only does he understand business and marketing, but he has a well-rounded view of the world shaped by his education, travel, and diverse career explorations. His writing style is versatile. It can be wordy or blunt. With experience ranging from science laboratories to FedEx factories, from South Korean temples to rural American Baptist churches, from restaurants to classrooms to golf courses to pharmacies, Jake probably understands some aspects of your industry, but if he doesn't, he will be well-versed in it by tomorrow.


For his college newspaper, Jake specialized in writing editorial pieces--opinionated research stories--where his voice could be heard. Essentially, these are blogs backed by research, and he focused on topics in science and current events.

Additionally, he has written several long-form feature stories that either explain a phenomenon or use rich detail to tell a person's story. He has used this skill for advertorial writing to highlight a company. Jake can also make people laugh, but he has rarely been paid to do so.


In general, Jake is interested in how things work and why things are the way they are. He played nearly every sport growing up, so competition is bred into his personality, but he also became an avid reader at a young age--softening up his iron exterior and broadening his interests.

He loves basketball and football (Go Bengals), the great outdoors (especially hiking), science (neurology, pharmacology, gene editing), movies (Lord of the Rings is the GOAT) and military history.

As an aspiring chef, he loves all talk about food and cooking, and he is an armchair expert at cooking any dish involving mushrooms.

As a native Kentuckian, he is obligated to enjoy a singular glass of bourbon on the weekends. When watching TV, the only commercials he enjoys are ones that include humor or beautiful cinematography, which are often alcohol companies because they have more creative leeway.

Overall, he is open to writing about topics in nearly any industry, but his preferences are: sports/recreation, outdoors living, medicine/pharmacology, cooking, entertainment, or education.


Western Kentucky University


4 Projects Completed

Jake has written about golf courses during the pandemic, trail crew workers slicing up invasive species whilst discovering their identity, Nashville's country dancing scene, cave exploration, and dogs. Who doesn't love dogs? He is young and hungry to tackle projects.


2 Projects Completed

Jake wrote stories about programs and students at his university. He understands university funding and operations, and he has interviewed numerous faculty, administrators, students, and alumni.


22 Projects Completed

With years of journalistic writing experience, Jake has covered things like mundane local government meetings, college student life and leisure, pandemic reactions, horse farriers, the recycling industry, TIF (tax-incentivized financing) districts, golf courses, cave exploration, and trail crew workers.

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