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Preeti has been working as a freelance ghostwriter for a content aggregation firm, for about a year. The client provides her with keywords that need to be included within the article and the number of words along with editorial instructions if any. She needed to turn in the articles ranging from 500-1000 words each within 1-2 days. The articles needed to pass the plagiarism check at and the grammar check at She has written articles covering topics on healthcare, education, information technology, and immigration assistance portals. She has assisted with the editing of an eBook on a healthcare topic.

As part of her decade-long corporate career, she has worked on content management projects in knowledge outsourcing, IT, and eCommerce companies.
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Preeti loves writing on self-help, mental and physical illnesses and other health-related topics. She loves reading and re-reading Agatha Christie novels, Sherlock Holmes, and the Harry Potter series. Reading about ghosts, witches, wizards, magic, and magical lands is one of her favorite things to do.
Having worked in the field of IT she enjoys writing technical requirement documents, standard operating procedure documents, and customer help content. A major part of her content-related work experience in technology involved simplifying technical topics for a non-technical audience.


Preeti enjoys technical writing projects due to their time-bound nature. She finds the research involved in writing about new topics a big plus. She finds blog writing on healthcare and mental health topics stimulating.


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In her past employment, she has worked with clients such as a leading global online payment service and a large consulting company to deliver multiple content management and content localization projects. In these jobs, she has created content for and helped in publishing help page documents, product requirement documents, process training artefacts such as workflows, case studies, training and certification delivery plans and programme delivery roadmaps.

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20 Projects Completed

She has written content for the help pages for 5-6 consumer products on a leading global eCommerce website.

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