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Jessica W. is a freelance writer and stay at home mom to three amazing children. She has held a deep love for writing since childhood, and enjoys writing online. She loves to learn new things, and enjoys doing thorough research for her writings.

She believes in working hard to provide the best results for her clients, and believes that honesty and integrity are vital to long term success online. She is not afraid to try new things, and she believes in taking the time to understand the feelings and beliefs of others.

Jessica strives to be a good role model for her children, and others, and makes a point to avoid any unethical or sleazy practices such as plagiarism, and believes that good content should be original!

Jessica also loves to help others, and she has worked in customer service roles in both the banking and health insurance industries. She strives to write pieces that inform as well as entertain, and she hopes that she may help others by offering up her knowledge and insights.

She hopes to develop high quality content for her clients, and develop good business relationships that will benefit both parties, and develop repeat customers!

Jessica spends her spare time, when she has any, reading and studying online marketing information in order to better provide for her writing clients. She loves her job as a freelance writer very much, since it helps pay the bills and allows her to spend as much time with her children and husband as possible.

Jessica hopes to further develop her writing skills in order to build a secure, long term career for herself online and in paper print.
Green Living


Jessica is keen to learn more about internet marketing and entrepreneurship, and she is comfortable with several types of ghostwriting, including article writing, blogs, and friendly reviews.

Before becoming a freelance content provider, Jessica spent several years working in the call center of a large health insurance provider. She also spent approximately 4 years in the banking industry working as a bank teller. She has a passion for service and uses her history working in customer service to provide her freelance clients with the best service possible.


Jessica W. loves to read, fiction being her favorite, but she also enjoys non fiction and biographies.

She loves to knit, crochet, and sew, although she is not very proficient at any of these, and often produces some hilarious results. She actually enjoys many different arts and crafts, especially ones that she can do with her children.


Dalton State College

Jessica attended Dalton State College for just under two years, taking General Studies classes towards an Associate of Arts Degree, before relocating to London, England to marry and start a family.

She would like to return to college at some point and obtain her degree.


50 Projects Completed

Jessica spent several years working as a teller for several banks, both large and small. She enjoys helping others understand how to make the most of their money and loves to help people understand personal finance. She feels that everyone should have access to the information needed to make sound financial decisions and feels strongly that we should begin by educating our children about the importance of saving money and planning for the future.


22 Projects Completed

Jessica has completed articles and blog entries for several individuals in the health field. She has previously worked for a large health insurance company as a customer service representative, and has a large medical vocabulary. She feels comfortable sharing her health knowledge, and enjoys researching and writing about topics related to health, including diet and nutrition.


21 Projects Completed

Jessica is a mother of three children aged from one to fourteen, so she has an extensive well of experience to pull from. She has previously written guest blogs for various sites including one related to parenting a child suffering from anxiety. She feels that her experiences could be useful in helping other parents of children with anxiety. She also loves to write informational articles on every day topics related to parenting, such as discipline tips, dealing with difficult children, and packing interesting school lunches.


15 Projects Completed

Jessica loves food, and loves writing about it! Having been a fan of cooking websites and magazines for years, she is finally enjoying writing food related articles of her own. Her previous experience in this field includes writing blogs related to chocolate, health benefits of fruits, and articles regarding cake baking. She looks forward to expanding her writing experience in this mouthwatering category!

Green Living

15 Projects Completed

Jessica has ghostwritten several blog and web articles focusing on Green Living. As a parent, she has particular experience with motivating kids to 'go green', and she feels strongly that environmental issues are important to everyone, especially families. Her writing projects have included such topics as alternative energy, solar power in Hawaii, and the importance of recycling and reusing household items.


152 Projects Completed

Jessica W. has completed articles for clients through content generation sites. She has experience in researching and writing unique content that engages the reader and provides real value. She enjoys the challenge of researching new topics and providing the highest quality work to her clients.

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