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Phillip K has worked for several content-creating platforms to create blogpost and articles on a variety of topics. He has written on every topic from technology to pharmaceuticals. He has also written articles for two different websites he started himself. One of them was focused on options trading, and the other on cryptocurrencies.

Phillip is also self-employed as an accountant in which he has multiple clients in the real estate and mortgage industries. In this capacity, he helped set up a non-profit organization.
Real Estate


As an accountant by training, Phillip K specializes in accounting and accounting-related topics. This includes business accounting, financial reporting, and auditing. He is also knowledgeable about related business topics such as finance, banking, and tax prep.

Phillip has also written extensively about cryptocurrencies, options trading, and a variety of other subjects for websites he has started as well as for others. This shows that he is a versatile writer with the skills to research any topic he is not so knowledgeable in.


Phillip K is always interested in learning new things. He has a particular interest in history. He is also interested in literature and the ins and outs of different businesses.

When Phillip is not learning something new, he enjoys watching movies and playing strategy video games. He also likes hanging out with his friends and family.


Sam Houston State University

Phillip K received a Master's in Accounting Science in June of 2019.


35 Projects Completed

Due to his master's degree in accounting science, Phillip K is very comfortable researching and writing about this topic. Finance is heavily related to accounting. He has specific experience writing about stock and options trading. This is piratically true for different strategies for options trading. Finance and accounting are what he studied in school and the first topic he wrote about professionally.


25 Projects Completed

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new subject for Phillip K (as it is for everyone else). He first studied cryptocurrencies as part of his Master's program at Sam Houston State University. Since then, he has been fascinated with both the opportunities and problems created by cryptocurrencies. He even started a website about the subject. His writing experience with cryptocurrency has mostly been about its effect on the environment and Stable Coin.


15 Projects Completed

Due to having a master's degree in accounting science, Phillip K is very experienced in the ins and outs of filing taxes both for companies and for individuals. He also has experience filing the taxes of multiple small businesses. They were mostly real estate and mortgage companies. When it comes to writing about the topic, he has less experience doing it professionally and more so doing it academically.

Real Estate

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Phillip K has worked for several real estate and mortgage companies as an accountant and office manager. This has allowed him some experience with the business side of the real estate industry. In this capacity, he verified employment of customers, wrote checks to employees, and managed many of the day-to-day operations of the office.


75 Projects Completed

Most of Phillip K's post-college writing experience consists of writing articles of various topics for various websites. In these articles, he researched a specific topic and wrote about it with links to his sources in the article. These articles were usually between 500 and 1,000 words. Phillip is most proud of his articles about the problems with cryptocurrencies and different options trading strategies.

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