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Justine has experience writing internet marketing blogs for a digital marketing firm and in creating marketing white papers for B2B businesses.

They are also the author of a novel and a feminist erotica series on Amazon. They are currently writing for a well-known military science fiction series.
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Justine specializes in blogging and content copywriting for small business owners and independent contractors who want to reach their customers with valuable information delivered in a direct and conversational tone.

They also specialize in long-form fiction and non-fiction writing. Justine has experience in writing literary novels as well as other creative projects over 30,000 words in length. They can bring your fiction or memoir project to life.


Justine is passionate about fiction that pushes readers to think more critically about their position in the world around them.

They are a tireless advocate for LGBTQIA+ and trans rights, autistic representation and support, and the destigmatization of mental illness in society.

At home Justine enjoys spending time with their family and friends, practicing meditation and yoga, and relaxing in nature.


4 Projects Completed

Justine has completed several writing projects in the relationships niche, especially surrounding sexual health and sexual relationships.

They wrote and marketed an instructional book on Amazon. They also wrote a romance/erotica series available on Amazon.

As a polyamorous person who has multiple relationships and regularly dates while also nurturing and growing a mature relationship, Justine has unique insights to bring to writing about relationships.

Web Development

2 Projects Completed

Justine has built several websites for their businesses and assisted others to build websites using the WordPress platform.

They have strong background knowledge of themes, plugins, and the most common issues and problems that confront non-developer WordPress users.

Justine has demonstrated an ability to create and maintain professional e-commerce websites using existing tools. They are comfortable working in WordPress independently or writing about WordPress website development to help others.


1 Projects Completed

Justine has an extensive background in the Cannabis industry, having written about and used cannabis since its legalization in Canada.

They are a consultant for a local dispensary for social media marketing and have written spec blog posts and email copy for cannabis-related businesses

As a regular cannabis user for chronic pain and a longtime activist for cannabis normalization, Justine has a strong background knowledge of cannabis and the issues that surround it in society.

Blog Post

22 Projects Completed

Justine has written internet marketing blog posts for a digital marketing agency. This involved doing extensive background research and intensive information sourcing so that they could deliver valuable information to readers. For this client, they studied Neil Patel and adopted the perspective that the blog which delivers the most useful and actionable information in the fewest number of words is contributing the most value.

They have also written shorter, SEO-driven blogs while doing content marketing for their businesses.

Email Copy

7 Projects Completed

Justine studied email writing techniques from Neil Patel, Noah Kagan, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

They have written both broadcast emails for their email lists, as well as drip-automation email sequences to sell books and other information products.

They write in an informal style and use casual direct response copywriting techniques to make an impact.

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