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Kimberly has been a writer her entire life. From a young age she found that the best way to express herself was through fashion and the written word. She attended LIM College in Manhattan where graduated with a degree in Fashion Media. She has been freelance writing for the past four years and is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of an alternative fashion and art magazine.


Kimberly specializes in fashion, art, and beauty. However, she enjoys writing about a wide range of topics such as sustainability, the environment, politics, and human and animal rights. Kimberly also has experience writing for a marketing company where she wrote many articles advertising small businesses. Kimberly has an excellent grasp of the English language and can produce unique and engaging content.


Outside of writing, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her family, friends, boyfriend, and pets. She loves broadway music, dancing, and singing. Kimberly recently became an independent business owner on top of working full-time and freelancing in the hopes that she will save enough money to pursue her dreams of owning a financially solvent fashion and art publication.


LIM College


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Kimberly has over six years of experience in the fashion industry. She has worked at both major and boutique companies as a sample coordinator, PR intern, stylist assistant, design intern, and style editor. She has been published in multiple online fashion publications. She believes that to be an expert in a particular field requires exploring every facet of the industry.


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Though Kimberly doesn't have as much experience in the beauty industry, she enjoys writing about sustainable and animal cruelty-free cosmetics. She has published multiple articles about the subject and has received praise for them. Since she doesn't have expertise in the industry, she always does extensive research (up to 25 pages) to create the most informed and interesting articles possible. Kimberly uses this strategy for all articles she writes, not just the beauty industry.


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While freelancing for an art and lifestyle publication Kimberly wrote four articles about the 2020 election, RBG and other famous women in politics, and the Covid19 pandemic. The current political climate is intense and she would love to write more about it. Not just to educate others but herself as well.


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She has written pieces from as few as 300 words, to articles over 5,000 words. Kimberly also has done multiple interviews with artists, scientists, CEOs, etc. She has written reviews of different musicians and shows as well.

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