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A professional copywriter who has worked for public relations firms, advertising agencies, marketing organizations and a host of print and digital outlets,
this writer has experience drafting articles, press releases, bios, corporate profiles and one-sheets. She has extensive experience in many specialized markets, and contributes her content marketing efforts to both business and consumer blogs and websites.


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Industry Projects

  • Home Living20+
  • Travel10+
  • Fashion10+
  • Health10+
  • Real Estate10+
  • Consumer Goods10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

With a strong interest in social and cultural trends, this writer delves into all aspects of home, lifestyle and family life to produce engaging and effective content. With Home Living one of her top areas of editorial expertise, this writer crafts copy produced to defined standards reflective of client need.


This experienced travel writer brings insight and knowledge to her travel content, delivering copy with relevancy while capturing the adventure and romance that marks the art of travel. Destination descriptions blend seamlessly with style and substance to produce engaging, effective copy that transports the reader and evokes a sense of place.


Contributing insight and savvy to fashion blogs and websites, this experienced writer's passion for fashion produces on-target conversion copy across brands. Whether describing the timeless appeal of a fall runway classic or the bargain basement satisfaction of a thrift-shop find, this fashion writer delivers witty, descriptive copy that engages and delights.


Driven by attention to detail and a passion for thorough research, this experienced writer delivers intelligent health information across all platforms to caregivers, patients and consumers alike. The result of this sustained effort is shareable content that quickly establishes authority and builds the social capital of both websites and blogs.

Real Estate

This writer enjoys the challenge of writing copy for the real estate sector, creating the brand tone and voice through a multitude of platforms. Whether describing the benefits of life in a luxury urban high-rise apartment or extolling the merits of a quiet country cottage, this writer produces both stylized pieces and industry-oriented verbiage with flair and authority.

Consumer Goods

This experienced writer brings an impressive set of creative chops and a killer work ethic to her work on behalf of consumer goods, delivering customized copy that is consistent with brand. Detailed description is key to grab the reader's attention and deliver the product or service in vivid, exciting language that jumps off the screen.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release100+

Summary of Product Experience


An experienced journalist, this Contributing Writer to a Southern California newspaper chain covered local politics, community events and lifestyle pages for three publications. With an instinctive feel for the right tone and pace of a story, this writer delivers insightful copy that draws and holds the reader's attention.

Blog Post

Versatile, fast and efficient, this blogger can research and write on a wide variety of topics in a style that always engages the readers attention, producing interesting, conversion copy. Whether you're in the business of selling products or services, this writer can translate what's special about your field into copy that sings and sells.

Press Release

This writer with extensive public relations/promotions experience is able to craft strong, concise press releases that find wide media acceptance. She has worked extensively throughout the entertainment and corporate arenas, and is adept at creating a consistent voice to underscore brand awareness.

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