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Alana C
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Joined 2/24/2022
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At Nicholson Student Media at UCF, Alana researched political topics along with conducting interviews for certain articles. She wrote articles on UCF lobbyists and sexual harassment on campus.

While at NPR Orlando, she also wrote articles on Florida politics and local politics as well. This would be about education, health care, or conservation statutes passed or being passed through the state of Florida. She also participated in art and music journalism where she would research and scout artists to interview. She would write articles based on these interviews and post them through WordPress.

Alana also has some experience copywriting for South Street & Co. writing a blog article with SEO strategy. This article was for a roofing client in Winter Park, Florida. This blog was around 800 words containing the SEO keyword in multiple sections of the post, and a call to action at the end.
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