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Stevie has been a professional writer for over 15 years. He has written copy for a number of industries, especially in education and social justice.
While living in Wisconsin, he wrote for the Milwaukee Community Journal.
Now living in Minnesota, he is a member of the Professional Writing Alliance and a digital marketing strategist.
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Stevie Glenn is a Minneapolis school teacher who has written extensively about education.

His website provides teachers with a goldmine of tips and strategies for instructing students in grades k-12.

In addition, he has written a book that deals with strategies and skills for teachers who desire to conquer academic challenges and rise to the top of their professions.


Stevie's interests include expanding his writing aspirations to include other forms of content, including video and webinars.

He also is a professional photographer and a member of Professional Photographers of America. He shoots stock photography on a regular basis, especially landscape.

In addition to writing and photography, Stevie has a good chess game to challenge other avid players.


Metro State University


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As a teacher for over 24 years, Stevie has gained considerable experience in the field of education.
Stevie lives in Minnesota and has worked in the Minneapolis school system as well as several specialty schools.
He has writen a practical book on education as well as hundreds of articles for avid educators.
Stevie also has a successful website that provides valuable teaching tips and techniques accumulated over the years.


56 Projects Completed

Stevie has written hundreds of articles on lifestyles for various websites. His topics include family, parenting, marriage, friendship, and fear.
As a life coach, Stevie rubs elbows with hundreds of people who seek his advice on such everyday struggles.
This interaction has allowed him to get a firm grip on the human condition and what it takes to live a quality lifestyle.


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Stevie has considerable expertise and consideration in the area of personal finances.

He has written on such topics as budgeting, investing, financial brokers, financial advisers, wealth building, passive income, retirement, and fundraising.

The founder of an infinite visionary training center, Stevie helps people live a better life.

People learn good money management as well as find guidance in creating emergency funds for hard times.

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31 Projects Completed

Stevie has written thousands of articles on a variety of topics, including education, fashion, technology, travel, relationships, and more.

The author of 4 websites, he delights in providing well-researched information to readers who are looking to solve problems and fulfill needs.

Social media platforms are often the recipient of his short and long copy. As a result, he has thousands of followers.

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