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Morgan G
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Morgan G. is a career storyteller and writer, beginning with his work as a full-time reporter at several newspapers in California, including a stint at the Los Angeles Times. There, he initially covered the Olympic Arts festival, writing colorfully and informatively about all the arts -- film but also theater, music, and fine art. He evolved into that paper’s top reporter on the TV beat. He also edited and published an energy conservation newsletter for the City of Davis, CA, and wrote a similarly themed monthly column for Popular Science Magazine.

Morgan G. migrated his research and article-writing skill to Hollywood and a 30-year career as a TV writer-producer, winning the Hugo Award for science fiction writing (for the famed "INNER LIGHT" episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION). In his ongoing career, Morgan has written or produced 250 episodes of TV for LAW & ORDER, THE 100 and many more.

Currently, he leans further into hard science, crafting talks and articles on pop-culture science and technology topics and writing or co-writing several grant proposals submitted to NASA. For the 2022 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts grant entry he submitted, Morgan G. was Principal Investigator, aided by Co-Investigators from NASA Langley Research Center, Honeybee Robotics of California, and the University of South Florida. He has written and/or edited white papers on this and other topics.
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