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Charles began owning and operating his own small businesses back in 2000. During that time he owned everything from nightclubs to hair salons. In the last five years, he has focused solely on copywriting, digital marketing, and content creation. Charles has a B.A. in English from San Diego State University, a Nanaodegree from Udactiy in Digital Marketing, and a Copywriting Certification from the Blackford Center.
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What makes Charles unique is that he is a highly-trained and experienced writer that has also owned and operated several small businesses. This gives him a unique insight as someone that has seen both sides of the content creation process and usage so he is uniquely qualified to provide direct, focused work that is entertaining and engaging that specifically meets the needs of clients.


Charles is a single dad with two great sons and they all love playing sports of all kids such as baseball, soccer, and snowboarding. In his spare time, Charles is a big hockey fan, loves reading all manner of news stories he can find and loves finding an "off-the-beaten-path" movie to watch for an evening.


San Diego State University

Charles received a Bachelors's Degree from S.D.S.U. in English.

Blackford Center

This certificate focused on all aspects of copywriting with an emphasis on creating compelling content for clients that are looking to drive specific actions from their customers.


This was a degree program that specialized in all aspects of digital marketing including e-blasts, A/B testing, landing page creation, Google Adwords usage and analysis, and social media management and content creation.


50 Projects Completed

With such a broad term as multimedia, it can be hard to know if the person you are contracting has the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver the content you can use. WIth a Nanodegree in Digital Marketing, Charles has the training and experience to give you the content you need across a wide range of different media outlets and technologies.


20 Projects Completed

This is a subject that Charles has a long history in. Having owned businesses such as nightclubs, professional hockey teams, and hair salons, Charles has a great idea about lifestyle choices and what customers are interested in spending their hard-earned dollars on. He also acutely understands the value in both customer retention and acquisition and the different strategies needed for each.


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This is an area that he has some familiarity with. When he was much younger his family business was wind energy project construction and maintenance. As such he has quite a background in all aspects of this field from site selection, permitting, and financing, all the way through to operation and power delivery.

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500 Projects Completed

Not only does Charles write blog posts for all manner of clients looking to drive action, but he also has his own revenue-generation blog where he posts all sorts of information about parenting and specifically the challenges of being a single parent. Charles understands that blog posts not only need to entertain and inform but must also address a specific need so that the client gets what they are paying for.

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