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Julie’s first paid published work in 2006 was a creative non-fiction piece. Her storytelling ability she has works well when generating content for three dozen SEO website pages on the same topic. After all, each piece must be unique from the rest and from all competitors’ pages. She writes in a conversational style while still citing scholarly and authority sources. In addition, Julie has a passion for making her content accessible in as many forms as possible including video and audio.
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Her SEO Tech and UX Writing Experience

Since 2013, Julie became a computer geek after creating series of “how-to” articles and user experience reports for a software company. Her late uncle, who fixed most of the family’s computers, also fueled her passion to provide public and private UX reports about a variety of SAAS programs and productivity interfaces. She doesn’t limit her reviews to just software, however.

User experience could apply to any product, service or destination that a person has used, requested or visited. For instance, Julie provided feedback on a verified health supplement purchase and created travel and restaurant reviews.

Julie will update this section with more relevant samples soon. Likewise, watch for additional updates on her other content writing types and industry experiences.

Non-Writing Industry Experiences that Enhance Julie’s Writing

Her Creative Side (About Four Years)

Please see the “Industry” section on Julie’s profile to learn more about how Julie’s prior work experience have made her who she is today. Here’s a hint: Julie’s two favorite non-writing jobs were her times working as a clothing sales associate. The second is this past year as a “eats” delivery driver. Clients will learn more about why when they view those tabs.

Her Practical Side (15-20 Years)

The other jobs she held as a janitor, house cleaner and restaurant/foodservice worker:

She has knowledge of crucial regulations that govern sanitation and foodservice sectors. This includes times when she still performed machine and housekeeping sanitation duties at a plant from 2019-2020 (a year and a half) in the peak of the Covid-19 scare.


Her Creative Passions and Learning Pursuits

Julie loves to test and experiment with just about anything from cooking ingredients to online software. In addition, she has prior music theory and piano training, in-depth Bible research experience, and continues education in social media, Adobe design products, blogging “how-tos,” and more.

All these qualify her to produce a range of promotional and educational materials. Moreover, she just acquired access to high-quality AI voices that sound like humans for use in educational and promotional projects.


UW-Green Bay

Julie took several classes pertaining to journalism and creative writing during her college years. She continues to educate herself on proper grammar and style.

Associated Press

Julie Anne currently studies AP-style writing to brush up on her journalism skills taught to her in college. She aspires to write more press releases and online news articles and especially enjoys writing about real people.


5,356 Projects Completed

Since 2005, Julie created health content that covers a range of topics, and some of the samples she’ll soon add to her “Top Three Industries” part of her portfolio. She will at some point expand on all the subtopics she’s covered such as nutrition, health supplements, CBD, exercise, healthy cooking and mental or emotional health.

An article could contain one of these subjects or combine all of them. For instance, she’s written about how more sleep can make a person less depressed, anxious or stressed out. However, she also can add that taking vitamins, exercise or health diets can reduce stress. Concerning this, Julie uses information from FDA and USDA websites, the World Health Organization and other authority resources.

Extra Services

Julie also provides extra services that she factors into word count upon client request. These include interviews, image and video research (finding the right graphics for an article or other publication), and SEO keyword research.


5,026 Projects Completed

Julie’s top three business and industry writing experiences since 2005 include health, technology and travel, and this includes subtopics such as medicine FAQs and health supplements, app reviews, and local food and drink. Please sign up and see “Top Three Industries” samples as a logged-in user.

Another issue that comes up often is the need for business productivity software, and she writes about that quite a bit. In addition, she sees an increased need for construction, plumbing, janitorial, landscape and heating and cooling content and produces web pages and blog posts for those. When logged in, the “Service Industries Samples” are also visible in Julie's portfolio.

Service Business Writing and Work Experience

Julie’s been self-employed for half her life and understands both the needs of businesses and consumers. She writes content for several service industries. However, her prior work experiences that most make her an authority is in the landscaping, lawn maintenance, and commercial and residential cleaning service industries.

Business Experience and Extras She Provides

She's been self-employed for half her life, so she also understands the needs of both businesses and consumers. Therefore, she writes for both B2B and B2C clients. Julie also can provide extras (added to the rate per word) such as finding the right image or video to include with a blog post or basic SEO keyword research using recommended tools such as Moz, SEMRush or others.


2,031 Projects Completed

Julie worked as a contract employee for a technology company that sold registry cleaning and driver update software from February 2013 to July 2014. She interacted as both the user and the company on several branded social media pages across a multitude of platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

During this period, she also tested the products and wrote user experience reviews, and she began teaching through her writing how to improve computer performance. She learned enough in this position to run an entire social media campaign. This also includes help with writing of press releases, and she knows how to set up a PRWeb template.

Additional skills acquired during this experience:

--Format and post content with images, slides or videos
--Introduction to keyword research via the Moz SEO panel
--How to write and schedule posts via Hootsuite
--Use tools to increase social reach for brands
--Edit blog posts and add authority reference links

Additional technology projects since 2005 include writing reviews and overview text for printers, computers, cameras and more. Julie also still writes long-form blog content, website copy and product descriptions.


2,023 Projects Completed

Travel is one of the “Top Three Industries” sample topics in Julie’s portfolio visible to registered users on Writer Access. If samples aren’t visible yet, please request Julie for an example of her previous work within the client panel. Julie’s travel writing for clients covers a broad range of topics, including not only the destinations but also places to eat or what to do while there, and where to say, etc. Local information for people moving also is a part of her previous travel writing experience.

Julie also has a new travel writing idea:

She plans to start using "Google Earth" more to experience places she hasn't been yet without actually going there. It's the next-best thing to physically traveling until it's possible to make it to destinations in person. Julie even had this idea before the Covid-19 pandemic started, but the pandemic made the idea of virtual reality travel seem more "normal" to her.

Places Julie has visited or lived:

--Green Bay, WI (hometown)
--Ladysmith, WI (part of her “up north” experiences she could write about)
--New York City (lived on Staten Island but visited “The City” regularly and been to all it’s boroughs)
--Twin Oaks Community (a community living site in Virginia, and their sister group “Acorn”)
--Boston (walked the downtown perimeter and saw most of the major historical sites – and the ‘Cheers’ set)
--All the states on the way to Florida from Wisconsin and to Monterrey, Mexico
--Most of the states near her including Minnesota and Michigan (loved the “Twin Cities”)
--Nassau, Bahamas and took a 48-hour cruise (twice)

In 2005, she started out writing general travel articles that cover a vast range of topics including cheap hotels and last-minute flights and cruises, wedding destinations, hotel, restaurant and location descriptions or overviews, historical facts about a variety of U.S. States and numerous more. She even used local information normally meant for tourists to make “service industry” pages more exciting.


2,008 Projects Completed

Julie’s most recent non-writing job is in the food delivery industry and plans to start writing about more places to eat and drink in her location. She lives in Green Bay, WI. So far, however, she has produced content for other locations including Milwaukee, WI and places around the world. In addition, she has prior experience working in restaurants.

Food and Travel

Food writing also ties into the travel niche, for people visiting a destination for the first time need to know where to go to eat or have a drink. She could write content on restaurants she tried in destinations she's been if those places are still there.

Sometimes, she even produces content about places that she’s never even visited but writes it as if she were there, which nowadays with virtual reality software is a possibility. Watch for samples of “food and drink” found in her “Service Industry Samples” coming soon.


Extras such as finding the right images or videos are factored into the price per word if requested by client. The same is true of any basic keyword research.


1,014 Projects Completed

Regarding 2021 fashion, it just so happens that Julie grew up in the era in which 1980s fashion, which is coming back in style now, started. That, along with early work experience, enhanced her fashion writing projects. In 1994, Julie relocated to New York for about eight months and worked in a thrift store called Everything Goes. During this time, she had the chance to set up a few clothing displays. She also worked in a department store in Green Bay, WI, where she’s from.

Fashion Writing Projects

In 2007, Julie had the opportunity to write for The People History website. Julie contributed to the preliminary research and writing on series of fashion history articles from the early 1900s to the late 2000s. This included scanning old newspaper photos, many of which Julie still has in her image library collection.

The copyrights for many of the photo scans are more than likely expired, so they may possibly be used in current works on these subjects. She also used this research for another client, whose first name was Jackie, to complete series of fashion history articles for a sewing website.

Other fashion writing included biographies of famous designers such as Chanel, Valentino, Guccio Gucci, Christian Dior and more. Now, she still writes product descriptions and tailors fashion articles to clients who want interesting pieces either for affiliate sites or for their own retail stores.

Research on Fashion Trends and Timeless Styles

She focuses on both fashion trends and timeless styles, and she’s lived through a few trends already. For instance, in high school, she wore skinny jeans. Then, in her 20s, bell bottoms were back “in.” Now, skinny jeans are back. Life and work experiences enrich her fashion writing content.


Julie has prior interviewing experience and could personally speak with designers if asked. Otherwise, quotes for content can be provided by client. She also factors in finding images or videos and keyword research into the rate per word if client requests these services.

Blog Post

3,087 Projects Completed

Please see "Article" heading for more information. Rates per word is based on whether or not an interview is necessary or what type of research is required. A simple list article that just includes common knowledge doesn't cost as much as one that might take four hours researching.

Additional services such as image formatting or acquiring relevant graphics content for the project can be factored into the price per word. Other services a client requests (ex: social media post creation or scheduling) also can be added to the word count price or just ordered separately.

Julie produces content for a variety of industries, but her top three include a variety of health, technology and travel. A close second are service industries such as restaurant, food and drink, and other services including janitorial, plumbing, landscaping HVAC and more.


2,370 Projects Completed

This includes some long-form posts and short-form blog posts, and it includes articles and website copy for about a dozen industries. Julie will soon update her portfolio with more appropriate samples soon. See the "Industries" tab for now for more information. If it's a list article on a common topic that requires little research, the rate is lower than if it also requires the following services:

--Interview either by phone or in person
--Formatting posts with images
--In-depth keyword research
--Image or video research for inclusion in posts
--Market data research and graph retrieval
--Additional requested services

Some services will require a client account, while others are performed on the writer's end and submitted with content.

Web Page

2,252 Projects Completed

She makes "Home," "About Us," and "Our Services" or "FAQ" pages, and she creates "Contact" or other related pages and subpages text.

Recent Work

One of her recent projects was producing online copy for a plumbing company, and it was more than 30 web pages of at least 1,000 words each. She also creates website content for about a dozen other industries including locksmiths, construction workers and electricians, and she produces text for technology and business websites and text for a variety of health and travel sectors.

Sometimes, she even creates web page content for which she uses prior industry knowledge. For instance, she could create content for a retail store because she's worked in a few. In addition, she's worked as a janitor at least part-time for a total of 20 years, and she even was a sanitation employee in a production plant.

Furthermore, Julie knows about providing landscaping and yard work services because she's performed those jobs.
All of her non-writing jobs plus her 15+ years of copywriting experience make her a master at making website page content.

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