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<strong>Number of Years Writing Professionally:</strong> 14 (2005 to present)

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Julies speaks her mind using convincing words and spares no feelings. Furthermore, she demonstrates with real examples and creates simple, step-by-step instructions. She also writes about real people, and when necessary, she sticks to the facts.

Her Greatest Accomplishment So Far

In 2009, Julie published an editorial about the pros and cons of a national health care bill pending Congressional vote. She received over 30,000 page views and several "helpful" votes after this content went live.

About Her Versatile Voice

When writing blog posts, she references current events to make how-to instructions more interesting. She also composes newspaper features and press releases according to Associated Press formatting rules.

In her poetry and creative non-fiction, she pours out her heart. Any time she gets the chance to say what she wants to say, she tells it like it is. Yet, she follows a very professional protocol while using a very conversational tone.

Julie's Favorite Writing Subjects

She loves to compose biographies, features and editorials concerning real people and current events. In addition, she enjoys producing content on the following topics: healing, medicine, fitness, tips, dieting, guides, travel, destinations, descriptions and reviews. She teaches people with examples and inserts keywords when necessary.

Her Main Mission

Julie Anne writes for people first and search engines second. After all -- even if print media were to die completely -- why would anyone want to read just a bunch of keywords in text that doesn't make sense?
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Julie involves herself in multimedia and creative projects to enrich her career.


UW-Green Bay

Julie took several classes pertaining to journalism and creative writing during her college years. She continues to educate herself on proper grammar and style.

Associated Press

Julie Anne currently studies AP-style writing to brush up on her journalism skills taught to her in college. She aspires to write more press releases and online news articles and especially enjoys writing about real people.


2,341 Projects Completed

Clients turn to Julie for current content about vitamins, herbs, depression, cardiovascular workouts, and more. She draws from her own experience plus uses her years of health writing to generate fresh articles.


2,000 Projects Completed

She writes articles on proper dieting, food nutrients, fruits and vegetables, and vitamin supplements. For instance, if anyone needs any articles on the acai berry, Julie will provide it.


523 Projects Completed

Julie writes two different types of travel articles: informative and creative.

The first example shown offers advice about trip planning. The second portrays her personal experience while visiting a rustic restaurant up north.

Her goal: To have more chances to write about places she's been as well as new destinations. She loves to taste the food and describe her time spent at a location as if she's lived there, not just visited.

High Tech

503 Projects Completed

Julie shares her experiences using the iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0. She also comments on mobile broadband hot spots, smartphone apps, and more. In addition, she expresses her points of view concerning cloud storage and online computing.

Furthermore, she writes editorials on Google Glass and other upcoming technological releases. She depicts enthusiasm for new devices while constructively suggesting how companies could improve certain gadgets.


502 Projects Completed

She tells people how much exercise a child or an adult needs. Furthermore, she writes informative fitness product reviews.


326 Projects Completed

Sometimes technology changes so fast. How do people keep up with what's new? It helps if they read informative content to help them make educated decisions about operating systems, devices, etc. Julie provides the latest updates in this field.

Self Help

302 Projects Completed

Julie focuses on self-help topics that offer people hope. She writes about depression based on past experience and tells people how to overcome it. She also shares stories about her lifelong battle against anxiety and offers suggestions for reducing stress.


211 Projects Completed

Julie enjoys writing about clothing history, classic items, and fashion trends. She also loves to write biographies of famous designers.


20 Projects Completed

Julie provides high-quality content about tulip planting. She also generates helpful herb gardening articles.


8,161 Projects Completed

Julie likes to use lists when writing online articles. "It makes it less boring, and it catches people who have a short attention span," she says.

Blog Post

3,834 Projects Completed

Julie creates enticing content for blogs. Please see the "industry" section of her profile for samples covering various topics. She writes about weight loss, travel destinations, computer fixes, destination weddings, credit repair, and more.

Product Description

2,025 Projects Completed

From printers, to cars, to art supplies, to vitamins, to dog food; Julie has written a product description of them all. Feel free to contact her any time for assistance with this fun task!

Twitter Post

501 Projects Completed

Julie jumps right into any conversation to make it interesting, and she sends out RSS feeds on Twitter upon request.

Mobile Content

200 Projects Completed

Please see Julie's "article" or "blog post" sections of her profile for concise examples of mobile content. Julie knows writing for mobile viewing requires brevity and clarity.

Facebook Post

110 Projects Completed

She writes batches of status messages for Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and more. Julie also comments using any fan page identity. She'll engage in any conversation online for just about any reason, and she includes photos upon request as long as there's no copyright issue.

Newsletter Content

100 Projects Completed

Julie ghost writes annoucements for newsletters. Most of them are published live on blogs, but she also has created content for private email lists.

Email Copy

28 Projects Completed

Julie has a friendly, conversational writing style that fits right in with sending people emails. She can convince anyone to read her messages, and she specializes in creating intelligent yet catchy subject lines.

Press Release

27 Projects Completed

She writes newsworthy, accurate releases for companies, organizations and individuals. Her leads tell the important parts of the story, and the rest of the content supports her introduction.

Julie keyword-optimizes the content when asked. Furthermore, she follows a required format to ensure prompt submission. For example, she's familiar with PR Web's standards, and has already published a handful of releases on this site.

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